HOLA – Highlands Overlook Landowners' Association

Executive Board Meetings

Executive Board Meeting Minutes May 11, 2024

HOLA Board Meeting 5/11/2024  9 AM at the RFA Lakeside Theater

Present: Millie Hoekstra, John Patriquin, Ed Zambraski, Mary-Ellen Moroney, Rob Smith, Ana Wetherill, Ann Arthurs, Dave Arthurs, Jeff Zapolsky, Val Zapolsky, Dave Douglas (by zoom), Larry Malone (by zoom), Brittany DiPompo Russell (by zoom), Darren Winslow (by zoom).

Absent: Al Salvini, Sam White.

Meeting called to order at 9:05 AM. Millie welcomed all and let us know that properties are still changing hands. The Fay property has a For Sale sign, so Jeff will contact that realtor about the money owed, so we can recoup at time of sale.

Secretary’s Minutes: Approved after modified to record Sam White as absent. MSP unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report by Jeff Zapolsky.

Account Balances: We have plenty of money to do the jobs needed.

Account Receivable: Down to $16K, mostly Fay & Leggett. There are a few smaller amounts, and we have sent them to our lawyer Mills for collections, but he is too busy to do anything about it now. Jeff is happy to call a different collection agency if anyone has a recommendation.

P&L : Snowplowing was less than the minimum, so we owe that, but will wait for the final bill.

Road Fees for new construction or heavy work trucks are being collected, but please notify Jeff or Mille if you see any activity that you feel is new. We would rather hear it from multiple people than, not know at all.

Road Committee Report by Dave Douglas: There were very few complaints about the roads this winter. Roads are still posted. Dave will send a email to notify everyone when that changes. Dave has previously sent out a road repair plan. M&H will be doing the work and large sections are getting done. We have lots to spend because not much was done last year because Fidium was putting in fiber everywhere.

 FYI there is a small copper wire in with the fiber, so Dig Safe can locate it. Much of the fiber is not very deep, and was revealed with last winter’s wash outs. If Fidium/Consolidated is installing your fiber, tell them to bury it deep. Also some boxes were damaged with plowing and will be fixed.

The speed issue with Rte 4 and the Overlook entrance is slowly being addressed by the town and DOT. Sam White (board member & selectman) will make sure it stays on the town’s docket until resolved.

Ed Z. stated the town should answer 2 questions now: #1. What makes a road “residential” and therefore slower speed limits by definition? #2.  When was the traffic engineering assessment made which was used to determine the speed limits and passing zones in our area of concern?

Quiet Hours were discussed again. Town of Rangeley and HOLA quiet hours are 10PM- -7AM. It was suggested that maybe construction hours could be 7PM-7AM. After discussion it was decide to leave quiet hours as is with no “construction hours”, and handle any complaints on a case by case basis.

Waterfront Committee Report by Ed Zambraski: All kayak rack requests have been satisfied. Nile Brook washed out the waterfront road last winter, but it has been repaired. The porta-potty is in place. The geese have not yet been a problem yet. If it becomes a problem, Ed will contact the same agency as last year to have them removed. Docks will be in soon. Swim lines installation will wait for the water to get warmer.

Millie is keeping a complaint log. It is going well and she notifies the owner if the problem involves a renter.

The map of lots & owners is done. After discussion it was decided to NOT put it online, but to distribute hard copies to all board members.

Steep driveways are causing washout problems. The Road Committee will educate how to put in a driveway that drains well to the sides and appropriate culvert placement.

All committees are reminded to send budgets to Jeff in June to be addressed at the July Board meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 9:55AM

Respectfully submitted, Val Zapolsky

Executive Board Meeting September 2, 2023

HOLA Board of Directors Meeting 9/2/2023 9AM at the HOLA Waterfront

Present: Brittany DiPompo Russell, Dave Douglas, Millie Hoekstra, Mary-Ellen Moroney, Al Salvini, Rob Smith, Darren Winslow, Ed Zambraski, Jeff Zapolsky, Val Zapolsky

Absent: John Patriquin, Ann Arthurs, Dave Arthurs, Larry Malone, Ana Wetherill

Millie Hoekstra called the meeting to order at 9:04 AM.


There have been many property transfers, and waterfront access purchases. We now have only 7 properties with 100 ft. waterfront rights and 11 with no waterfront rights.

The website has been updated. If you see any thing amiss then please let Millie know so she can fix them.

Tim Johnson has been working on a new digital map of the HOLA  properties. It is on the website and still a work in progress.

Sam White is nominated to be on the board, but she has a problem with the Saturday 9AM meeting time because she is currently acting as the breakfast cook for Moose Alley. They are trying to hire a cook, so it shouldn’t be a problem forever. The Board decided to still keep Sam White as the nominee and worry about the meeting time later.

Secretary’s Minutes from the July meeting: Motion to accept: Dave Douglas. Seconded by Mary-Ellen Maroney. Passed Unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report (attached): We are flush with funds due to many properties paying extra road fees for construction (those funds go into the Road & Snow Budget) and many people buying waterfront access (those fees go into the Waterfront Savings account). We did pay for geese remediation, but that was less than expected.

Upcoming Budget is overall unchanged from last year.

Jeff asked to please send him any new or changed forms now that need to go out with the HOLA bills Oct. 1st.

Motion to accept the report: Ed Zambraski. Seconded by: Mary-Ellen Maroney. Passed: Unanimously.

Road Commissioner’s Report (attached): Fidium contact (per Rob Smith) is Tim (603-703-9240)

There are bushes at the bottom of the north end of Overlook Drive and on Morel Road that obstruct views of on-coming traffic. Dave will look into it.  There are some berms from grading that will be addressed by the committee.

Waterfront Committee Report: No complaints this summer. All kayak and boat slip requests were accommodated.

Assessor’s Report: No changes from last year.

Millie is keeping a complaint log: There have been 2 noise complaints that were referred to the sheriff. Call her if there are problems so we are collecting data.

Nominating Committee: Sam White will be the new Board member to replace Anne Crump who is retiring. Of note Sam is a Rangeley Town Selectman.

Adjourned 9:45 AM.

The Board reconvened at 12:05 PM and re-elected the same officers to the Board, unanimously.

Meeting adjourned 12:06 PM.

Next Board meeting will be Nov. 11 at 9AM RFA Lakeside Theater.

Respectfully Submitted: Val Zapolsky, Secretary

Executive Board Meeting July 8, 2023

Meeting called to order by Millie at 9:02 AM:

Those Present: Ann Arthurs, Dave Arthurs, Dave Douglas, Millie Hoekstra, Larry Malone, Al Salvini, Rob Smith, Ana Wetherill, Darren Winslow, Ed Zambraski, John Patriquin, Jeff Zapolsky, Val Zapolsky

Absent: Anne Crump (resigned), Brittany DiPompo Russell, Mary-Ellen Moroney


Lots of new owners.

Fidium conduit installation done on the Highlands side. Still installing conduit on the Overlook side.

There is a LUPC workshop at the high school on July 13. Someone from the board should attend.

Neither Millie or Val are available.

FYI There will be a large private party at the waterfront on July 23.

Secretary’s Minutes from the May meeting. Motion for approval – Dave Douglas. Second-Ed Zambraski. Unanimously approved without changes.

Treasurer’s Report: (attached)There are very few unpaid account balances. The snowplowing was under the minimum guarantee, so we paid the small balance up to the guarantee. Overall we have had a lot of income due to a lot of construction and extra road fees being paid. Several people have bought into the waterfront, so there is money for that as well. Some money was spent on geese mitigation, but it was very successful. Jeff prepared a budget based on last year’s numbers (attached). Jeff moved to present this budget with the assessors and then have it ready for the Annual meeting in September. Seconded by Val Zapolsky. Unanimously approved.

Road Report:  (attached) Since Fidium is finished in the Highlands, the roads are being graded and new gravel applied. Fidium is still working in the Overlook so work on the rads there is delayed. Washouts have occurred and will be fixed. There will be some fill available for anyone that wants it. Rob Ellis says he will take fill. Let Dave Douglas know it you want some fill.

Waterfront Report: (attached) New docks in place. New steps w/handrail in place with lots of compliments. Because there has been a lot of hullaballoo about the short-term-rentals and LUPC and the state are currently considering regulations, the sticker program for waterfront access will be put on hold.

On our website there are 3 different forms that say almost the same thing, but not exactly, leaving room for confusion. Ed and Millie have a document that COMBINES ALL 3 FORMS INTO ONE FORM to avoid any confusion. This new doc was unanimously approved by the board. The website will be updated with the new form.

 All kayak racks are assigned but not all are used. Please let Ed know if you are not going to use it because there is a waiting list. Also some kayak spaces have been reserved for “guest kayaks.” Next year’s form will make it clear that racks are for owner kayaks only, not guests. Everyone thought that was a good idea.

There are only about 10 owners without waterfront access. The current cost to buy in is $9500 for those with no access and $1500 for those with 100 ft. access. (Full access is 212 ft.) There was discussion about raising the price to buy in. Dave Douglas motioned to raise the price from $1500 to $5000 for buy in for those with the 100 ft. access, leaving the cost of full access at $9500. This will occur January 1, 2024. Val Zapolsky seconded and it was unanimously approved.  There will be notice sent to all owners with less than full access to the waterfront. We are hoping the coming price increase will encourage some to buy in sooner rather than later.

A handout of HOLA Waterfront Rules will be in the shed at the waterfront.

The USDA came and mitigated the geese on July 5. Thirty-one geese were captured and relocated.

Nominating Committee: Dave Arthurs, Valerie Zapolsky and Darren Winslow terms are expiring. They have agreed to re-up. Anne Crump has resigned. Sam White had previously been on the list for next up for the board. Sam will be contacted. Everyone agreed.

Assessors will review the budget recommendations and process of establishing the annual fees with Millie and Jeff.

Ad Hoc Committee Report: (attached) Incident Form

Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting Sept. 2, 2023 at 9AM

Annual Meeting Sept. 2, 2023 at 11 AM
Respectfully submitted Val Zapolsky

HOLA Board of Directors meeting March 11, 2023

HOLA BOARD MEETING MINUTES- 9AM at the RFA Theater 3/11/2-23

Present: Millie Hoekstra, Val Zapolsky, Jeff Zapolsky, Ana Wetherill, Ed Zambraski, John Patriquin, Al Salvini, Mary-Ellen Moroney, Larry Malone, Dave & Ann Arthurs, Robert Smith, Brittany Russell, Darren Winslow,

Guest: Ben Wetherill

Absent: Dave Douglas, Anne Crump

Call to Order by Millie Hoekstra at 9:02 AM.

Millie attended a zoom meeting of LUPC discussing short-term rentals (STR). The Town of Rangeley is developing a STR ordinance and will hold a public hearing on 3/27/2023 at 6PM. The place is not yet decided.

A lot of properties are still changing hands and some new owners are purchasing waterfront rights and that money goes into the waterfront savings.

Minutes to the last Board meeting Jan. 14, 2023 received a motion to approve (J.Z.) and was seconded (A.A.). There were no questions, and they were approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report (attached) was presented by Jeff Zapolsky. Overall, the snowplowing has been less than budget and we are receiving additional road fees for construction projects. There are few long-term delinquencies, so we have sufficient funds. There was a motion to approve the treasurer’s report, seconded and approved unanimously.

Jeff also asked that there be a late fee for people who pay after Nov. 15th. They require a lot of extra work for the treasurer. This should also apply to owners paying installments. This was referred to the Ad Hoc Committee.

Road Commissioner’s Report: Dave Douglass verbally relayed the report to Millie yesterday.  The roads are in good shape and will be posted soon. There have been few problems with drivers getting stuck due to snow. The board was asked to tell Dave or Millie if you see any problems with the roads.

Waterfront Committee Report: (attached) Ed Zambraski stated that all the kayak racks and boats slips have been assigned. There is a short waiting list for only the kayak racks.

Ed made a motion to change the Waterfront Policy regarding renters boats (found on the HOLA website Section VI.N.) “Due to Milfoil concerns and the limited size of our harbor, renters cannot launch or tie up their boats within the HOLA Harbor.” The motion was seconded by Dave Arthurs. The vote was: Millie abstained, Val & Mary-Ellen against, the remaining 13 were in favor. The motion passed. Then Larry Malone motioned that the following wording be added immediately after the previously approved wording, “Renters with boats are to be directed to the Town Park to launch their boats as it is a much easier launch and the RLHT is screening for Milfoil.” Mary-Ellen seconded, passed unanimously. Both wordings will appear on the website and on the Boat Slip Application.

AD HOC Committee Report: Larry Malone said that the committee will meet in a few weeks and have a report for the May Board meeting.

Mary-Ellen Maroney made a motion to make the road fees the same for developed and undeveloped lots. Dave Arthurs seconded the motion. It was discussed and the motion failed: 1 in favor, 13 against.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:15 AM.

Next board meeting: May 13, 2023

HOLA Board of Directors meeting January 14, 2023


Present: Millie Hoekstra, Val Zapolsky, Jeff Zapolsky, Al Salvini, Mary-Ellen Moroney, Robert Smith, Dave Arthurs, Ann Arthurs, Larry Malone, Darren Winslow, John Patriquin, Ed Zambraski (via Zoom)

Absent:, Anne Crump, Brittany DiPompo Russell, Dave Douglas, Ana Wetherill

Mille called the meeting to order at 9:02 AM.

Updates: The roads are icy but well sanded. M&H is burning brush in the Overlook and the fire lasted longer than anticipated. The pile is still smoking after several days. The Fire Chief is involved. Many properties are still changing hands. If you see something new (a new foundation, or lots being cleared) then let Millie know.

Secretary’s Minutes of the last meeting:  (attached) Motion to approve: Jeff Z, Seconded: Mary-Ellen Moroney, Approved Unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: (attached) FYI We have Zell as a payment option  thru Franklin Savings Bank now, as well as the usual check method.

There was discussion about whether the $500 fee for heavy equipment to clear a lot was in addition to the $1000 for house construction or if it would be applied toward the $1000 fee. Varying opinions were expressed and the matter was referred to the Road Committee for discussion and a recommendation for the Board.

There was a round of thanks for the great job Jeff has done.

Road Committee Report: Dave Douglas did not submit a written report, but spoke to Millie and said, “All is good.”

Waterfront Committee Report: (attached) Ed stated that our dock installer has sold his business, so Ed will be tracking down a new installer over the next few months. The next committee meeting will be in March.

Ad Hoc Committee Procedures: (attached) Larry Malone suggested that the Board give this committee specific issues to address rather than trying to create general procedures for anything and everything. He suggested issues be divided into areas such as Safety, Liability, and Cost. For example, untended minor swimmers would fall under liability. Blocking a road would fall under safety. ATVs tearing up the roads would be a cost issue. This was referred to the Road & Waterfront Committee for a list of issues in order of importance.

Other business – none.

Meeting adjourned at 9:47AM.

Next meeting  Saturday, March 11 at 9AM at the RFA Lakeside Theater

HOLA Board of Directors Meeting July 10, 2021

HOLA Board of Directors meeting July 10, 2021 at 9 AM in the RFA Lakeside Theater

Present: Millie Hoekstra, Val Zapolsky, Jeff Zapolsky, Ann Arthurs, Dave Arthurs, Ed Zambraski,   Mary-Ellen Moroney, Larry Malone, Darren Winslow,   Mary Ellen Simon (on the phone), John Patriquin, Anne Crump

Absent: Carole Hoffmann, Dave Douglas, Brittany DiPompo, Ana Wetherill

Millie called the meeting to order at 9:05 AM, welcoming everyone and notifying them that board meetings will be at the theater in the future.

Secretary’s Minutes of the May meeting: the was a motion to accept, seconded and passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: (attached) Millie thanked Jeff Z. for his hard work and great collection rate.

Waterfront Report: (attached)

Road Commissioner’s Report: (attached) Dave wants to retire from the Road Commissioner position.  Millie thanked Dave (and Ann) for all the years spent as Road Commissioner and leading the Road Committee.  This is a challenging job and it is time to increase the budget to enable the road commissioner/committee to do their job.  There will be a notice sent to all the members of HOLA stating that if anyone interested in the position they should contact Millie Hoekstra.

There were 2 items related to the roads that were discussed.

1)           Dave Arthurs presented the snowplowing proposal from Dave Burgess (Burgess Construction & Property Maintenance). He wants $5000 increase to $45K per year (maximum) for 5 years and a $38K (minimum) per year. He has averaged $38K per year for the past contract, so that is a reasonable thing for us to give him. The $5000 increase is because he must pay his people more to keep them. (All employers are seeing this increase in wages.) Also he provides 24/7 coverage for us. Dave Arthurs asked around and has not found a contractor willing take us at that price or to provide the 24/7 coverage we need. A motion was made to accept this proposal from Dave Burgess. It was seconded and passed unanimously.

2)           The next discussion involved a request to increase the road budget by $20K to improve and maintain that improvement. This was figure is based on a 10-year plan for our roads. Val & Jeff measured all the road sections. This info is now available to assist with the overall road improvement planning. We have 7.4 miles of road. If we improve 1/10th of them every year (0.74 miles) that will cost about $35K annually to return the road to a full crown. We currently only spend about $15K year on this, so we are not putting the volume of topping on the roads that we need. Many of the roads are down to the large stones base or down to ledge. Major build up of these sections is required. The $20K increase will provide the funds need to get ahead and keep ahead of our road maintenance.  The motion was made to increase the budget by $20K for roads. This was seconded and passed unanimously. The rest of the discussion was regarding how to present this increase to the members at the annual meeting.

Millie asked Ed Zambraski (Assessor) to do the calculations to determine the Road and Snow Fee for the two levels (lot with a house  and an empty lot) for next fiscal year (2021-2022).

Ed then informed the board that the snowmobile trail down to Nile Brook is closed to ATVs by the LANDOWNERS!   This is not a HOLA decision or responsibility. Snowmobiles may still use it. The trail will be blocked by logs etc.  Ed also stated that the signs we installed last year have cut ATV traffic thru HOLA by 80%.

The Nominating Committee confirmed that Carol Hoffman has completed her term and has decided not to continue on the board, but Ann Arthurs, Ed Zambraski, Larry Malone and Britany DiPompo have volunteered to serve another term.  Al Salvini has agreed to be nominated as Board Member.  This maintains the Highlands/Overlook ratio.

New legal issue: There was an FYI regarding Scott Ivers running an AirBnB in his travel trailer and running a Private Club. The Dallas Plantation and the state are involved and handling all municipal issues. HOLA concern: Ivers has restrictions in his deed regarding living in a trailer on his lot. “Mobile homes or tents for living purposes are prohibited on said lot.”  HOLA will send a letter reminding him of this restriction. It was decided the letter should come from our lawyer Paul Mills.

The Ad Hoc Committee has not yet attacked their charge.

Respectfully Submitted,

Val Zapolsky


Addendum: The revised 2021-2022 Budget was emailed to Board Members and was approved to be presented at the Annual Membership Meeting to be held September 4, 2021 at 11 AM.

Next Meeting:  September 4, 2021 at 9AM

HOLA Board Meeting Minutes, November 14, 2020


Present: Millie Hoekstra, Val Zapolsky, Jeff Zapolsky, Ann Arthurs, Dave Arthurs, Ed Zambraski,  Brittany DiPompo, Carole Hoffmann, Mary-Ellen Moroney, Dave Douglas, Anne Crump, Larry Malone, Darren Winslow (new member replacing Terry Donovan)  

Absent: Mary Ellen Simon, John Patriquin, Ana Wetherill

Millie called the meeting to order at 9:11 AM.

Secretary’s Minutes from Sept. 5, 2020 – Motion to approve. No discussion. MSP

Treasurer’s Report (attached) – End of Fiscal year Sept. 30 all account balances transferred to “savings” and account started Oct. 1 at $0. Delinquent accounts as of Sept. 30 were just over $16,000.  New bills went out Oct. 1, due Nov. 15th with over 80% paid already. Copy of this year’s tax form included for board’s information.

Our new Board member Darren Winslow introduced himself.

Road Report (attached): M&H is doing grading now. We will need to extend “Old Esker Way” next year. This is the last year of our 5-year plowing contract with Burgess Construction and Property Maintenance. We start this season with $6,405 left over from previous years on a $40K per year contract. Discussed the need to plow further down “Tilt of the Kilt” past the 2 trailer sites, and also plow the waterfront front road, now called “Nile Brook Way,” for new houses.  The new owners of the Farmhouse Inn have given permission for snowmobiles to cross their property to access the lake from the Highlands.

Waterfront Report (attached) – M&H Construction will remove dead trees and will add riprap to harbor entrance. In the process of getting a 911 number, the name of the road to the waterfront is now Nile Brook Way. New rules for the waterfront have been posted. (Attached)

General discussion: Airbnb vs. BnB vs. renters vs. owners regarding use of and access to the waterfront. Millie did a lot of research into what the various deeds say regarding waterfront use/rights. There are many variations regarding guests, renters, invitees, heirs, assigns etc. and the legal definitions of such if they exist.  We are allowed to make rules, but there is the question of how to enforce any rule we do make. The discussion was tabled until next meeting. The board will do more research.

Ed Z. will send out e-blast next week. Jeff will send emails of new owners to Ed Z.

Adjourned 9:47 AM

HOLA Board Meeting Minutes, September 5, 2020

Present: Millie Hoekstra, Val Zapolsky, Jeff Zapolsky, , Ana Wetherill, Ann Arthurs, Dave Arthurs, Ed Zambraski,  Brittany DiPompo, Carole Hoffmann, Mary-Ellen Moroney, Dave Douglas, Anne Crump, Larry Malone, John Patriquin,  (non-board attendee: Ben Wetherill)

Absent: Terry Donovan, Mary Ellen Simon

Millie called the meeting to order at 9:06 AM.

Secretary’s Minutes from July 11, 2020 – Motion to approve. No discussion. MSP

Treasurer’s Report (attached) – Account Balances look good. We have $25,899 in Emergency Funds. Roads are over budget on calcium, but under on plowing, so okay as well. Delinquent accounts are down to just over $16,000.

Budget proposalAssessors report, based on budget needs and improved and unimproved properties, the road fees should remain at $210 for unimproved lot and $463 for improved lot. MSP

Road Report (attached): This is the last year of our 5 year plowing contract with Burgess Construction and Property Maintenance, so plowing budget probably will go up and we need more dollars to continue to care for our roads. We have not increased our road fees in 13 years. But expect an increase next year.

Waterfront Report (attached) – M&H Construction will remove dead trees and will add riprap to harbor entrance. In the process of getting a 911 number, we want to change the name of the road to the waterfront from Burr Road (name of previous owner) to Nile Brook Way. MSP to change the name to Nile Brook Way.

ATVs are not permitted on Rte. 4 thus they have no legal way to get to the waterfront. No ATVs at waterfront will be added to waterfront rules. MSP

General discussion: There is no access to ATV trails except in town at Depot Street.   Discussion regarding ATVs using powerline (not allowed), joy riding on our roads (not permitted). We have installed signs, but there are no consequences. Can we establish fines? Board will review the Bylaws, if it is possible by statute and how it could be done and enforced.

Adjourned 10:15 AM

9 AM Via Zoom


Present: Millie Hoekstra, Val Zapolsky, Jeff Zapolsky, Mary Ellen Simon (on phone), , Ana Wetherill, Ann Arthurs, Dave Arthurs, Ed Zambraski,  Brittany DiPompo, Carole Hoffmann, Mary-Ellen Moroney, Dave Douglas, Anne Crump, Larry Malone

Absent: Terry Donovan, John Patriquin

Millie called the meeting to order at 9:03 AM

Secretary’s Minutes from May 16 were accepted without changes. MSP Unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: Jeff reviewed Account Balances, P&L and Unpaid accounts. No questions. Overall, we are in good shape.

2021 Budget was presented. It was discussed that we shouldn’t rent The Barn for meetings next year since we aren’t using it due to Covid. Otherwise all approved the budget to be presented at the Annual Meeting. MSP

Road Commissioner’s Report: See attached report. Roads have some problems that will be addressed at the next Road Committee.

Sign options were presented to help keep snowmobiles, off-road motorcycles and ATVs off our roads.  The signs were unanimously approved. They will be ordered and placed as directed by the Road Committee. A proposed letter from all of HOLA to the Town of Rangeley regarding ATV travel on Rte. 4 was discussed and approved. Millie will sign it.

There is a damaged section of road on the Overlook by Tim Allen. Millie stated it is Tim Allen’s responsibility to repair it.

It has been noted that the Rte. 4 entrance to the waterfront is very narrow and difficult to see entering or exiting. There has been a recent minor accident. An estimate from M&H to widen the top to 21 feet for 50 ft long (i.e. 2 lanes at the top) will cost a bit over $4K. This will come from Road budget. The expense was approved and should be viewed more urgent than other road work.

Waterfront Report: See attached report. Canoe & Kayak Rack racks are full. Still waiting on the Code Enforcement Officer to get a 911 # for the waterfront.

There was a recent incident at the waterfront where 2 young children (7 & 8 years old) were swimming without any adults present.  The episode was resolved without further problems, but it was felt this was unsafe. Suggestions for signage were discussed. It was referred back to the Waterfront Committee.

Nominating Committee Report: Val reported that board members whose terms are expiring are: Dave Arthurs, Anne Crump, Val Zapolsky and Terry Donovan. All but Terry Donovan are willing to continue on the board. Thank you to Terry for the years served on the board.  Darren Winslow (Highlands) had recently spoken to Val about wanting to join the HOLA board. Val nominated Darren. The slate was accepted by the board and will be presented at the Annual Meeting.

Other Business:

Consolidated is repairing underground  “poles/boxes/towers” that were knocked over in past winters. Let Millie know of any you see.

The Annual Meeting will be Sept. 5 at the waterfront RAIN or SHINE. Bring your own chairs, drinks and snacks. We will have a PA system so all can hear.

Next Board meeting will be at 9 AM Sept. 5 at the waterfront RAIN or SHINE

Having no further business, the meeting adjourned at 9:50 AM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Val Zapolsky

HOLA Board Meeting Minutes, May 16, 2020


Present: Millie Hoekstra, Val Zapolsky, Jeff Zapolsky, Mary Ellen Simon (on phone), John Patriquin, Ana Wetherill, Ann Arthurs, Dave Arthurs, Ed Zambraski,  Brittany DiPompo, Carol Hoffmann, Maryellen Moroney, Dave Douglas, Anne Crump Absent:, Terry Donovan, Larry Malone

Millie called the meeting to order at 9:03 AM

Secretary’s Minutes from March 14 were accepted with out changes. MSP Unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: (click here) Jeff reviewed Account Balances, P&L and Unpaid accounts. No questions. Overall we are in good shape.

Road Commissioner’s Report: (click here)Roads have minor problems that are being addressed. All within budget. Grading to start soon. Still looking into signage to keep snowmobiles and ATVs off our roads. Will be discussed at next Road Committee meeting. The cost would be $75 from Signworks in Farmington. Suggestions were made to ask for free signs from Snowmobile Club and look on-line.

Waterfront Report: (click here)Canoe & Kayak Rack Lists are posted. Port-a-potty is ordered. Hydroseeding was done and minimal damage from the winter has occurred. Still working on getting a 911 # for the waterfront.

Having no further business, the meeting adjourned at 9:25 AM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Val Zapolsky

HOLA Board Meeting Minutes, March 14, 2020

HOLA Board meeting March 14, 2020 at 9 AM the Barn

Present: Millie Hoekstra, Val Zapolsky, Jeff Zapolsky, Mary Ellen Simon (on phone), John Patriquin, Ana Wetherill, Ann Arthurs, Dave Arthurs, Ed Zambraski, Terry Donovan, Larry Malone, Brittany DiPompo, Carol Hoffmann, Maryellen Moroney Absent:, Dave Douglas, Anne Crump

Call to Order: By Millie at 9 AM.

Secretary’s Minutes to that last meeting were accepted. No discussion. Motion to approve MSP unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: Jeff reviewed Account Balances. No questions. P&L shows we have spent $35K as of the end of Feb. on snowplowing & sanding. This is a lot as we average $9K per month and we still have March and April to pay for. We may go over the $40K budgeted amount, but we will see what happens. The comments were that there was more snow last year, but more ice this year so that more sanding is needed.

Unpaid accounts: A letter was sent from us and sign by Millie explaining that if they pay us at least we get all the funds, but if the account is paid after going to collection then we only get 2/3rds. The rest goes to the lawyer, so please pay us now. ONLY 2 paid; the rest went to collection. Overall unpaid accounts are small.

We have accounts at FSB and SSB. Pros and cons of such were discussed. No changes made.

Road Commissioner’s Report: (Attached) As discussed above the winter road cost will probably run over budget. Dave had looked to other plow companies, but those costs look to be even higher.

It was asked if people noted a difference in renter behavior (driving, parking & snowmobiles) since we developed the HOLA Winter Guidelines for Homeowners. Maybe, because there have been no calls to Dave about people not being able to drive up their road, but snowmobilers have still been on our roads. There was much discussion about how to address the issue. It was decided to see about having a sign at the IGA for snowmobilers to let them know that all trails above the IGA are private access and those below are the official trails. Millie and Dave will work on verbiage, feasibility and cost.

Waterfront Report: (Attached) May need scuba to move mooring for swim lines and dock. Scuba options were discussed. They will replace old swim lines with $300 of new ones.

Meeting adjourned 9:47 AM.

Next Meeting: May 16, 2020, 9 AM