HOLA – Highlands Overlook Landowners' Association

HOLA Committees

HOLA – Committee Roster

HOLA Committees

Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee shall meet before the annual meeting and shall nominate a slate of new Directors to replace those whose terms are set to expire.

  1. Millie Hoekstra – Chairperson
  2. Susan Welch
  3. Valerie Zapolsky

Road Committee

The Road Committee along with the Road Commissioner will oversee the maintenance and use of all HOLA roads.

The Road Commissioner will acquire a contract for snowplowing each year.

  1.  Dave Douglas – Road Commissioner
  2. Ann Arthurs                                 10.  John Quinn
  3. Millie Hoekstra                             11.  Rene’ Lamorelle
  4. Dave Saar                                      12.  Larry Malone
  5. Joseph Snow                                  13.  Anne Crump
  6. John Patriquin                                14.  Dave Arthurs
  7. Valerie Zapolsky                             15. Paul Perla
  8. Alan Salvini
  9. Ed Zambraski

Waterfront Committee

The Waterfront Committee will oversee the use and upkeep of the HOLA property at the lake.

  1. Ed Zambraski – Harbor Master
  2. Dave Douglas
  3. Al Salvini
  4. Ann Arthurs
  5. John Patriquin
  6. Mary-Ellen Moroney
  7. Robert Smith
  8. Butch DeSanctis
  9. Dave Arthurs
  10. Gary Wadsworth
  11. Chester Winkowski
  12. Rick Dodge
  13. Nick Sampson
  14. Gay Sampson
  15. Gary Isakson
  16. Allan Gilmore


The Assessors will establish the Annual Road Fees

  1. Jocelyn Kinlock – chairperson

Long Range Planning Committee 

To evaluate the trends and occurrences within HOLA and develop a plan of action for the future

  1. Ben Wetherill
  2. Mike LeClerc
  3. Nancy Douglas
  4. Millie Hoekstra
  5. Ashlee Austin
  6. John Caggiano
  7. MaryEllen Moroney
  8. Dana Pagley
  9. Barry Smith
  10. Allan Maclellan

Social Activities Committee

  1.  Ana Wetherill
  2.  Gerrie Moore
  3.  Susan Welch
  4.  Mickey Haas
  5. Mike Leclerc
  6. Nick Sampson
  7. Gay Sampson