HOLA – Highlands Overlook Landowners' Association

Executive Board Meeting Minutes May 11, 2024

HOLA Board Meeting 5/11/2024  9 AM at the RFA Lakeside Theater

Present: Millie Hoekstra, John Patriquin, Ed Zambraski, Mary-Ellen Moroney, Rob Smith, Ana Wetherill, Ann Arthurs, Dave Arthurs, Jeff Zapolsky, Val Zapolsky, Dave Douglas (by zoom), Larry Malone (by zoom), Brittany DiPompo Russell (by zoom), Darren Winslow (by zoom).

Absent: Al Salvini, Sam White.

Meeting called to order at 9:05 AM. Millie welcomed all and let us know that properties are still changing hands. The Fay property has a For Sale sign, so Jeff will contact that realtor about the money owed, so we can recoup at time of sale.

Secretary’s Minutes: Approved after modified to record Sam White as absent. MSP unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report by Jeff Zapolsky.

Account Balances: We have plenty of money to do the jobs needed.

Account Receivable: Down to $16K, mostly Fay & Leggett. There are a few smaller amounts, and we have sent them to our lawyer Mills for collections, but he is too busy to do anything about it now. Jeff is happy to call a different collection agency if anyone has a recommendation.

P&L : Snowplowing was less than the minimum, so we owe that, but will wait for the final bill.

Road Fees for new construction or heavy work trucks are being collected, but please notify Jeff or Mille if you see any activity that you feel is new. We would rather hear it from multiple people than, not know at all.

Road Committee Report by Dave Douglas: There were very few complaints about the roads this winter. Roads are still posted. Dave will send a email to notify everyone when that changes. Dave has previously sent out a road repair plan. M&H will be doing the work and large sections are getting done. We have lots to spend because not much was done last year because Fidium was putting in fiber everywhere.

 FYI there is a small copper wire in with the fiber, so Dig Safe can locate it. Much of the fiber is not very deep, and was revealed with last winter’s wash outs. If Fidium/Consolidated is installing your fiber, tell them to bury it deep. Also some boxes were damaged with plowing and will be fixed.

The speed issue with Rte 4 and the Overlook entrance is slowly being addressed by the town and DOT. Sam White (board member & selectman) will make sure it stays on the town’s docket until resolved.

Ed Z. stated the town should answer 2 questions now: #1. What makes a road “residential” and therefore slower speed limits by definition? #2.  When was the traffic engineering assessment made which was used to determine the speed limits and passing zones in our area of concern?

Quiet Hours were discussed again. Town of Rangeley and HOLA quiet hours are 10PM- -7AM. It was suggested that maybe construction hours could be 7PM-7AM. After discussion it was decide to leave quiet hours as is with no “construction hours”, and handle any complaints on a case by case basis.

Waterfront Committee Report by Ed Zambraski: All kayak rack requests have been satisfied. Nile Brook washed out the waterfront road last winter, but it has been repaired. The porta-potty is in place. The geese have not yet been a problem yet. If it becomes a problem, Ed will contact the same agency as last year to have them removed. Docks will be in soon. Swim lines installation will wait for the water to get warmer.

Millie is keeping a complaint log. It is going well and she notifies the owner if the problem involves a renter.

The map of lots & owners is done. After discussion it was decided to NOT put it online, but to distribute hard copies to all board members.

Steep driveways are causing washout problems. The Road Committee will educate how to put in a driveway that drains well to the sides and appropriate culvert placement.

All committees are reminded to send budgets to Jeff in June to be addressed at the July Board meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 9:55AM

Respectfully submitted, Val Zapolsky