HOLA – Highlands Overlook Landowners' Association

September 2018 HOLA Minutes

HOLA Board Meeting Sept. 1, 2018 9 AM  The Barn

Present: Millie Hoekstra/Chairperson, Mary-Ellen Maroney/Vice-Chairperson, Jeff Zapolsky/Treasurer, Val Zapolsky/Interim Secretary, Anne Crump, Ann Arthurs, Dave Arthurs, Terry Donovan, Ed Zambraski, Carol Hoffmann, Brittany DiPompo, Mary Ellen Simon, John Patriquin, Dave Douglas.  Absent: John Clark, Ana Wetherill

Millie called the meeting to order at 9 AM. We welcomed new board member Brittany DiPompo. There was a discussion of a proper thank you for John Clark’s many year of service as HOLA Secretary. He will be missed.

Secretary’s Minutes (appended) of the last meeting were unanimously approved without changes.

Treasurer’s Report (appended) was presented by Jeff Zapolsky. After a short discussion it was unanimously approved.

The Road Comm. Report (appended) was presented by Dave Arthurs. Basically our road budget is on target. We have sufficient emergency funds and some grading is scheduled for early September.  We put down a lot of calcium this year and it really helped to keep the dust down. There was some discussion of how to address the steep and easily torn up entrance road to the Overlook.

Waterfront Report (appended) was presented by Mary-Ellen Maroney. She informed us that the new neighbor on the waterfront will be putting up a fence to keep the geese out. The Waterfront Committee did a wonderful job cleaning out the brush and lower tree branches along the waterfront to improve the view. There is a new charcoal grill there and the old fireplace will be dismantled. All the boats and kayak/canoes should be removed from the harbor area by October 1st. In early October the docks will be pulled in and we have DEP approval to dredge the harbor. That will be done by M&H as soon as the water is low. Moorings for the swim area will be moved further out next summer and the swim lines will be replaced.

Nominating Comm. Report (appended) was presented by Mary Ellen Simon. Larry Malone from the Overlook has agreed to be nominated for the Board and Brittany DiPompo, Anne Crump, Carol Hoffmann and Ed Zambraski have all agreed to continue to serve until 2021.

Assessors’ Report was presented by Ed Zambraski. Dues will remain the same again this year: Road Fees: $210 for a vacant lot and $463 for a lot with a house. FYI the road fees have not changed in 10 years.

Views and Tree Cutting was discussed by Ed Zambraski. He said only 14 people showed interest in having trees cut. They will each be sent a letter with the names and lots of other owners wanting tree cutting and the names of businesses with good references. A copy of this is appended to these minutes.

Informational:The Barn is owned by the Congo Church and they have new sign up procedures and fees for the use of the building.

Next Meeting November 10, 2018 at 9AM   Meeting was adjourned at 10 AM.

Respectfully Submitted, Valerie Zapolsky –  Interim Secretary

Addendum. After the Annual meeting the Board reconvened to elect a new Secretary and Social coordinator. Val Zapolsky/Secretary and Mary Ellen Simon/Social were nominated and accepted the Nominations. They were unanimously approved.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted, Valerie Zapolsky –  Secretary

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