HOLA – Highlands Overlook Landowners' Association


Board of Directors Meeting

July 14, 2018


Members present: Ann and Dave Arthurs, John Clark, David Douglas, Millie Hoekstra, Carole Hoffmann, John Patriquin, Mary Ellen Simon, Jeff and Val Zapolsky, and Ed Z via conference call.

Absent: Anne Crump, Terry Donovan, Mary-Ellen Moroney and Ana Wetherill.

New owners: Sean Pratt, Holly Peirce (Munson property) within the association joined us for the meeting.

The minutes of the May Board meeting were approved as submitted.

Treasurer’s Report:

The Treasurer presented an update on receipts and on delinquents.

A budget to actual which indicated that the Association is in a good financial standing was presented.

There is one bill, which was submitted by the Waterfront Committee that needs clarification before being paid. It was returned to the Waterfront Committee to be clarified.

The Treasurer presented a proposed budget for fiscal year 2018 – 2019. The budget was approved by the Board to be presented at the annual meeting with no changes.

Treasurer’s Report: click here

Road Committee Report:

July 14, 2018

During the month of June, we replaced 4 culverts that were rotted and coming out of the ground. The replaced culverts were in the following locations. The Lynn Way just west of Tilt O’ The Kilt. The corner of Aerie and Summit. Paul’s Path. The Overlook Road 15 feet north of Winston Road. A new culvert was installed on The Loop Road to try and prevent water from seeping from the high side of the road to the low side creating a mud bog during the spring runoff. The water would also travel down the hill and jump a small diameter culvert and wash the road out, which happened this spring.

M & H also graded, and rock raked most of our roads and ditched in the following areas. Winston Road near the South side of Overlook Road. The Loop Road where the new culvert was installed and Barbara lane. The ditch on Barbara lane had filled in and was level with the road in one area and had to be re ditched to prevent the water from coming across the road.

Justin Quimby spread approximately 45 bags of calcium chloride on The Lynn Way. Approximately one mile. Unfortunately, we had several severe thunderstorms with heavy rain move across our area 6 hours after the calcium was spread. This may have slightly hurt the efficiency of the calcium.

M & H trucked in and dumped approximately 400 cubic yards of ¾” shale on the Overlook. Charlie graded and rolled this shale. For whatever reason Charlie just rough graded it, rolled less than half of it and left. Kenny from M & H came over, looked at the work and agreed it was not up to M & H standards. Advised Scott would come by when he can and make it right. Scott did re-grade about 300 yards of the shale and had Dawn roll it. Will update on my next report when the work is completed. We also want to spread some shale in The Highlands. Hopefully this will happen soon. The problem is the fact that M & H is extremely busy with a large job and they also lost their grader operators. Scott, the owner, is the only qualified grader operator it this time.

We are currently trying to get calcium spread on the Overlook Road. It is hard to do because the road should be wet enough for the calcium to dissolve into the road surface to bind up the road. You basically try and pick a day after a good rainfall and then have the contractor commit to that day. Then you hope that you do in fact receive the rain that was forecast. We will discuss the possibility of purchasing a spreader of our own and who would be willing to attach it on their truck, load 50 to 100 bags of calcium into it and spread it.

I have not received any bills from M & H or Kutting edge, so I do not have an updated report on money spent. Will have full update on the next report.

Waterfront Committee Report:  July 14, 2018

Burgess construction installed the swim docks.  We have our new docks and the correct topping for them.  Andy Avelis installed the small harbor docks with help from the Waterfront committee.  The list of slip assignments and canoe/kayak assignment is posted on the shed.  There is a short term slip available this year at slip #1.

Ed Zambraski has done a lot of work at the waterfront.  He is doing the mowing this year.

Our committee has decided to leave a strip unmowed around the perimeter of the property.  Terry Donovan has put of lines around the water edges of the property.  We are trying to discourage the geese.  So far, the geese are winning.

Ed Zambraski has replaced boards on the raft and repaired the swim ladder.  Rick Lavigne and Dave Douglas have installed the raft and the swim lines.  They have created a new mooring for the raft.  The old mooring could not be found.

Next year we will probably need to replace the swim lines.

I am applying for a “Permit by Rule” to add rip rap to the edge of the swim area to keep the land from eroding.

Mary-Ellen Moroney, Harbormaster

Nominating Committee Report:

No report for this meeting.  Since the meeting Mary Ellen Simon met with Brittany DiPompo and she has accepted the board position replacing Paul Ellis.

Other Items:

Ed Z. tree work survey results:

Ed Zambraski advised that there were a small number of responses to his survey. There were no major land clearing requested and there were a considerable number of requests for HOLA common ground or roadside cutting.

Ed made to following recommendations:

Allow cutting on HOLA roads and common ground.

Approach several arborists/land clearing companies about potential work and discount.

HOLA should offer only “general statements” about tree cutting, but not amend By-Laws or formulate new rules/regulations concerning tree cutting.

The property east of the HOLA waterfront is for sale.  Discussion regarding the future need of land for parking and possible pavilion was held.  More information will be gathered.

Website upgrade information will be sent out in the next e-blast.  No action taken.

The next meeting: September 1, 2018 at 0900 at the Barn.


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