HOLA – Highlands Overlook Landowners' Association

September 2011 HOLA Minutes

September 3, 2011


The minutes of the 2010 Annual Membership Meeting were approved as submitted.

Treasurer’s Report: Mike Moroney presented a Balance Sheet indicating Total Liabilities and Equity of $16,284.13 and a Profit and Loss Statement indicating a Net Income of -$27,980.95. Treasurer’s Report, September 2011 – Click here.

Road Committee Report: Les Hoekstra, Road Commissioner presented a written report:
I regret not being able to be at the annual meeting due to a wedding in Mass. Hopefully, this report will answer any questions or concerns you may have. And, as always, if you have any concerns at any time, feel free to call me or send an email.

Another year has sped quickly by and I believe our roads are in fairly good condition. Last year’s extensive ditching did alleviate most spring season problems as it allowed water to drain from the road beds. The extensive repair to Overlook Road has improved that section greatly. The mud holes seem to be removed. There have been some complaints regarding
“joy riding” for ATV’s or snowmobiles. You may ride to the trails or to visit a HOLA neighbor. We do not want to prohibit all ATV and snowmobile use on our roads, so please adhere to the policy.

This fall we will be doing maintenance work on The Lynn Way as well as ditching on several roads. There are a few culverts that need to be replaced. We will add topping and do grading as needed.

It was a very snowy winter and contractor handled all the plowing and sanding that was needed. The time and material plowing contract has been completed with Burgess Construction again for next year. It will be a 3 year contract of $40,000 cap each year.

Please let me know if you see any problem areas on your road that need to be addressed. We have more than 7 miles of roads and although I do drive them frequently, it is always helpful if anyone that sees an issue will report it. The Road Committee report was accepted as submitted.

Assessors Report: Dick Moore advised that the assessment for roads would be the same as it was in Fiscal Year 2010/2011 which is $210 for a lot, $463 for a lot with a house and $45 for dues. The assessors report was accepted as submitted.

Nominating Committee Report: Ken Young nominated the following individuals for a three year term. Dave Arthurs, John Clark, TinaMarie Falasco, Sandy Young and Bill Hayes. The nomination was seconded and approved by the Membership.

Less Hoekstra was nominated for another term as Road Commissioner and approved by the membership.

HOLA Roads Budget: The budget was approved as submitted.

Waterfront Committee Report: Mary-Ellen Moroney reported the following: The waterfront now has the new cribbing and new docks. We now have two more slips, so I have renumbered them. Slip number 4 is the loading slip. Slip number 5 is a two week slip. We thank Paul Ellis for organizing the waterfront repairs. M&H did the cribbing. A-One Builders made the docks. We thank Gary Wadsworth for hooking up the electricity. We now have power on both sides of the harbor. Waterfront report, September 2011 – Click here

Paul has set up the horseshoe pits. The swimming raft drifted into the harbor breaking the swim lines in June. These have been repaired by Burgess Construction.

We have had some trees drift into the harbor and on the shore from Tropical Storm Irene. Most boats were removed. I called those with canoes and kayaks that were not tied down. I have also called Chester Wincowski, who has water in his boat, and left him a message.

We are checking on having the silt that has drifted into the harbor removed. The water at some of the slips was very low this summer.

We had more requests for kayak/canoe rack storage then we had space and will be adding a new rack for next season.

We seem to have been able to accommodate everyone this year. The Waterfront Committee is going to assign the slips in January. We also going to be assigning the spaces on the canoe and kayak racks. The forms are sent out with the dues notice.

Please let me know when you have removed your boat from the harbor so that I can assign that slip to another member. If your boat has been out of the harbor for more than a week without notification, it will be assumed that the slip is free for another person to use.

For those few whose lots do not have full waterfront rights the rights are $1,300 from now until May 2014. The cost for waterfront rights for a lot with no rights is $8,500 for the same time period.

Waterfront Committee report was approved as submitted.

Sandy Young informed everyone that there would be a pot luck picnic at the Barn following the meeting.

Sign-up sheets for new committee members were circulated.

One member mentioned that deep grass and weeds along Lynn Way was blocking the drivers view on a curve. Paul Ellis said he would take care of it.

The next Annual Membership Meeting will be on September 1, 2012 @ 11:00 AM @ the Barn.

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