HOLA – Highlands Overlook Landowners' Association

                                                January 2018 HOLA non-meeting notes

1. Waterfront Committee: Mary-Ellen Moroney. Waterfront Committee will meet soon to assign boat slips and kayak storage soon

2. ROAD COMMISSIONERS REPORT submitted via email:
January 13, 2018

On 11-1-17, Jim Carignan, cut up trees that fell alongside roads in the Rangeley Overlook during the storm of October 29, 2017. $175.00
Between November 1st through the 6th, 2017. Ed Zambraski, Cut and hauled to the transfer station, several trees that fell alongside roads on the Lynn Way, during the storm of October 29, 2017. $320.00
On October 30th, 2017. Joe from M & H performed emergency repairs to the circle and the south entrance to Overlook Road due to the storm on October 29th, 2017. $640.56
The bill for the new H.O.L.A. road signs on Rt. 4 was $2,076.80. This included delivery and installation. $2,076.80
In November 2017. We had to replace three culverts. One was scheduled to be removed because of internal damage and two rose up out of the ground because of the frost. All three were old and damaged with large holes from rust. $4,011.12
In October, Kutting Edge Landscaping cut up and hauled off poplar trees and weeds from the ditch on Rt. 4 by the North entrance of Overlook Road. $200.00
On 10-24-17. We purchased 64, new, “No Hunting” signs, from Signworks. The new signs are plastic as opposed to cardboard, so they will last longer. They are also larger and orange and white, instead of black on white, so they are more visible. $286.96
$7.25 was spent on roofing nails to mount the “No Hunting” signs and red tape to mark fallen trees for Jim Carignan. $7.25
Except for the purchase of the new “No Hunting” signs, the above work was mentioned in the November 11th Road Commissioners Report, but not billed until The 2017/2018 contract.
Money spent on road work and no hunting signs from the 2017/2018 budget $7,717.69
Our winter plowing season started with approximately 2 inches of snow turning into ice on our roads on November 10th, 2017.
Burgess: Plowing and sanding. 11-10-17 through 11-12-17. $ 590.00 Burgess: Plowing and sanding 11-17-17 through 11-29-17 $1,578.75 Burgess: Plowing and sanding 12-01-17 through 12-15-17 $5,737.50 Burgess: Plowing and sanding. 12-17-17 through 12-27-17 $3,950.00 Total snowplowing money spent through 12-27-17. $11,856.25
Total money spent to date from the 2017/2018 budget: $19,573.94
Dave Arthurs Road Commissioner H.O.L.A.

3. Nominating Committee Report—voting done via email confirmed following nominees to be added to the board:
Carole Hoffmann 23 Paul’s Path carole2f2n@aol.com 908 403-4005 (cell) Term ending 2018
(replacing Jeff Munson)
John Patriquin 32 Kendall Farm Trail patriquinjohnc@gmail.com 207-274-0898 (cell) Term ending 2019
(replacing Darlene Munson)
They are still looking for one more person.

The next Board Meeting will be on March 10, 9 a.m. at the Barn

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