HOLA – Highlands Overlook Landowners' Association


Present: Millie Hoekstra, Val Zapolsky, Jeff Zapolsky, Ann Arthurs, Dave Arthurs, Ed Zambraski,  Brittany DiPompo, Carole Hoffmann, Mary-Ellen Moroney, Dave Douglas, Anne Crump, Larry Malone, Darren Winslow (new member replacing Terry Donovan)  

Absent: Mary Ellen Simon, John Patriquin, Ana Wetherill

Millie called the meeting to order at 9:11 AM.

Secretary’s Minutes from Sept. 5, 2020 – Motion to approve. No discussion. MSP

Treasurer’s Report (attached) – End of Fiscal year Sept. 30 all account balances transferred to “savings” and account started Oct. 1 at $0. Delinquent accounts as of Sept. 30 were just over $16,000.  New bills went out Oct. 1, due Nov. 15th with over 80% paid already. Copy of this year’s tax form included for board’s information.

Our new Board member Darren Winslow introduced himself.

Road Report (attached): M&H is doing grading now. We will need to extend “Old Esker Way” next year. This is the last year of our 5-year plowing contract with Burgess Construction and Property Maintenance. We start this season with $6,405 left over from previous years on a $40K per year contract. Discussed the need to plow further down “Tilt of the Kilt” past the 2 trailer sites, and also plow the waterfront front road, now called “Nile Brook Way,” for new houses.  The new owners of the Farmhouse Inn have given permission for snowmobiles to cross their property to access the lake from the Highlands.

Waterfront Report (attached) – M&H Construction will remove dead trees and will add riprap to harbor entrance. In the process of getting a 911 number, the name of the road to the waterfront is now Nile Brook Way. New rules for the waterfront have been posted. (Attached)

General discussion: Airbnb vs. BnB vs. renters vs. owners regarding use of and access to the waterfront. Millie did a lot of research into what the various deeds say regarding waterfront use/rights. There are many variations regarding guests, renters, invitees, heirs, assigns etc. and the legal definitions of such if they exist.  We are allowed to make rules, but there is the question of how to enforce any rule we do make. The discussion was tabled until next meeting. The board will do more research.

Ed Z. will send out e-blast next week. Jeff will send emails of new owners to Ed Z.

Adjourned 9:47 AM

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