HOLA – Highlands Overlook Landowners' Association

August 2013 HOLA Minutes

August 31, 2013

The minutes of the 2012 Annual Meeting were approved as submitted.
Chairman of the Board, Millie Hoekstra welcomed everyone and explained the reasons for the annual meeting.

Treasurer’s Report: Mike Moroney gave a report on the HOLA financials which was approved as submitted.

Click here to view treasurers Report

Waterfront Committee Report:
We have a new rack for the canoes and kayaks. We have had openings for the slips this summer as people’s plans have changed since they originally signed up on the sheet that is sent out along with the dues. The Waterfront Committee will assign the slips and the canoe/kayak racks in January.
We’ve had a few trees removed by a family of beavers.
We have had the electric line in the conduit under the loading ramp reburied. We have also replaced the worn out swim line with a new one.
There is a sign up sheet on the shed for slips for Fall Fishing after Labor Day.
For those few whose lots do not have full waterfront rights the rights are $1,500 to the end of 2014. The cost for waterfront rights for a lot with no rights is $9,500 for the same period of time.
I want to thank our Waterfront Committee: Mike Moroney, John and Peggy Clark, Dick Moore, Paul Ellis, Tom Sullivan, Dave and Ann Arthurs, Gary Wadsworth, Chester Winkowski, Ed Zambraski, and Butch DeSanctis.
Mary-Ellen Moroney, Harbormaster

Road Committee Report:
See Board Minutes for details.
2013-2014 Budget was approved as submitted.
At the 9 a.m. Board of Directors meeting the board voted to install a gate on the Lynn Way near the Harold Ross Road.

Assessors Report:
Dave Arthurs advised that the assessment for the next fiscal year will be the same as last year.
Based on an approved budget of $79,500
Unimproved lots = $210
Improved lots = $463

Nominating Committee:
This year the terms of 7 members of the Board of Directors expired.
Dave Douglas
Millie Hoekstra
Barbara Meservey
Mary-Ellen Moroney
Mike Moroney
Ana Wetherill
Ken Young

Barbara Meservey has decided not to run for another term.
Jeff Zapolsky has said that he would like his name to be placed on the ballot.
TinaMarie Falasco is no longer a HOLA member. The directors have appointed Anne Crump to fill out the last year of TinaMarie’s term.

The list of nominees for the Board of Directors is:
Dave Douglas
Millie Hoekstra
Mary-Ellen Moroney
Mike Moroney
Ana Wetherill
Ken Young
Jeff Zapolsky

We have enough nominees to have a full slate of directors.

Nominating Committee
Ken Young
Jeff Munson
All nominees were approved by the membership.
Les Hoekstra was elected to another term as Road Commissioner.

The Board of Directors met and all officers were elected to serve another term.

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