HOLA – Highlands Overlook Landowners' Association

August 2008 HOLA Minutes

August 30, 2008 Minutes

Millie Hoekstra, HOLA Chairman welcome the members and explained the purpose of the Annual Meeting and introduced the Board of Directors.

Social Activities:

Darlene Munson advised that HOLA holds two social events each year. One in July and one following the Annual Meeting with a “pot luck” cookout at the waterfront.

Financial Report:

Mike Moroney, HOLA’s Treasurer submitted an annual financial report which was approved by a vote of the membership. (See Sept. report attached)

Waterfront Committee:

Mary-Ellen Moroney, Harbor Master & Chairman of the Committee gave a report of the work that had been done during the past twelve months, which included the construction of a new storage shed and installation of electric power and a light at the marina. This can be used for charging of batters, vacuuming boats and operation of electric tools.

She explained that we had an unexpected expenditure for repairs following a bad wind storm in early June and the current waterfront account is out of money. There are one or two lot sales pending which will bring in considerable cash to the waterfront.

Members who are using the boat racks for canoes and kayaks need to advise her whenever they are storing these craft at the waterfront. It is suggested that they tie down these vessels because of higher winds near the water.

Long Range Planning Committee:

Jeff Munson, Committee Chairman said that some of the concerns that have been discussed by the committee are: Speeding vehicles on our roads, signs being placed within the right of way of HOLA roads without permission, tree cutting, sub divisions (the committee has a planned meeting with LURC) and continuity of board members and executive positions. Jeff asked that members get involved and to advise if they have issues that they would like the Committee to look into.

Road Committee Report:

Les Hoekstra submitted an extensive report of work that has been completed and planned projects for the coming year. 2007 – 2008 Budget to actual report and proposed budget and contract for 2008 – 2009 road maintenance and plowing.

The proposed budget was approved as presented.

Assessors Report:

Dick Moore explained the process and formula that is used to asses the land owners for their share of the cost of repair, maintenance and plowing of the 7 miles of HOLA roads.

Based on this year’s approved budget of $77,000 the assessment is $463 for improved lots and $210 for unimproved. The report was approved as submitted.

Nominating Committee:

Ken Young reported that five Board members terms expire this year; Frank Jandreau, John Clark, Deb Hebert, Ben Wetherill and Sandy Young. John, Ben, and Sandy have agreed to serve another 3 year term. This leaves two openings for new members and he nominated TinaMarie Falasco and Dave Arthurs. There were no nominations from the floor. All nominees were elected by those members present.

Other Business:

  1. Millie thanked all the Board members for the work they have done over the past year.

  2. She brought everyone up to date on the HOLA web site (www.highlandsoverlook.org) Please check for latest information on HOLA.

  3. She again asked that everyone please drive at a safe speed on our roads.

  4. We need wider involvement from HOLA members with projects and committees.

  5. She reminded everyone that they had received a copy of revised by laws and needed to have a vote of approval on the changes. The revisions were passed by a unanimous vote of those present.

  6. Millie advised that she had received complaints of trespassing by ATV’s on the power line at the top of Overlook. The land/lots (over which the power lines cross) are privately owned and not the property of the power companies. Please do not enter the power-line over the private land where it is posted. There is another entrance up beyond the log home at the top of the hill on the left which is not posted.

The meeting was adjourned and reopened for a vote on Road Commissioner. Les Hoekstra was elected by a unanimous vote of those present.

2009 Annual Membership meeting.
September 7, 2009 10:30 a.m. followed by a “pot luck” cookout.
Please plan to attend and meet your neighbors and HOLA Board.

Following the Annual Meeting there was a brief meeting of the HOLA Board for election of new officers.

The following Officers were elected for the 2008- 2009 fiscal year.

Chairman: Millie Hoekstra
Co- Chair: Mary-Ellen Moroney
Treasurer: Mike Moroney
Secretary: John Clark

The meeting was adjourned.
Next Board of Directors Meeting
November 8th @ 11:00 a.m.

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