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Executive Board Meetings

Executive Board Meetings

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Executive Board Meeting July 8, 2023

Meeting called to order by Millie at 9:02 AM:

Those Present: Ann Arthurs, Dave Arthurs, Dave Douglas, Millie Hoekstra, Larry Malone, Al Salvini, Rob Smith, Ana Wetherill, Darren Winslow, Ed Zambraski, John Patriquin, Jeff Zapolsky, Val Zapolsky

Absent: Anne Crump (resigned), Brittany DiPompo Russell, Mary-Ellen Moroney


Lots of new owners.

Fidium conduit installation done on the Highlands side. Still installing conduit on the Overlook side.

There is a LUPC workshop at the high school on July 13. Someone from the board should attend.

Neither Millie or Val are available.

FYI There will be a large private party at the waterfront on July 23.

Secretary’s Minutes from the May meeting. Motion for approval – Dave Douglas. Second-Ed Zambraski. Unanimously approved without changes.

Treasurer’s Report: (attached)There are very few unpaid account balances. The snowplowing was under the minimum guarantee, so we paid the small balance up to the guarantee. Overall we have had a lot of income due to a lot of construction and extra road fees being paid. Several people have bought into the waterfront, so there is money for that as well. Some money was spent on geese mitigation, but it was very successful. Jeff prepared a budget based on last year’s numbers (attached). Jeff moved to present this budget with the assessors and then have it ready for the Annual meeting in September. Seconded by Val Zapolsky. Unanimously approved.

Road Report:  (attached) Since Fidium is finished in the Highlands, the roads are being graded and new gravel applied. Fidium is still working in the Overlook so work on the rads there is delayed. Washouts have occurred and will be fixed. There will be some fill available for anyone that wants it. Rob Ellis says he will take fill. Let Dave Douglas know it you want some fill.

Waterfront Report: (attached) New docks in place. New steps w/handrail in place with lots of compliments. Because there has been a lot of hullaballoo about the short-term-rentals and LUPC and the state are currently considering regulations, the sticker program for waterfront access will be put on hold.

On our website there are 3 different forms that say almost the same thing, but not exactly, leaving room for confusion. Ed and Millie have a document that COMBINES ALL 3 FORMS INTO ONE FORM to avoid any confusion. This new doc was unanimously approved by the board. The website will be updated with the new form.

 All kayak racks are assigned but not all are used. Please let Ed know if you are not going to use it because there is a waiting list. Also some kayak spaces have been reserved for “guest kayaks.” Next year’s form will make it clear that racks are for owner kayaks only, not guests. Everyone thought that was a good idea.

There are only about 10 owners without waterfront access. The current cost to buy in is $9500 for those with no access and $1500 for those with 100 ft. access. (Full access is 212 ft.) There was discussion about raising the price to buy in. Dave Douglas motioned to raise the price from $1500 to $5000 for buy in for those with the 100 ft. access, leaving the cost of full access at $9500. This will occur January 1, 2024. Val Zapolsky seconded and it was unanimously approved.  There will be notice sent to all owners with less than full access to the waterfront. We are hoping the coming price increase will encourage some to buy in sooner rather than later.

A handout of HOLA Waterfront Rules will be in the shed at the waterfront.

The USDA came and mitigated the geese on July 5. Thirty-one geese were captured and relocated.

Nominating Committee: Dave Arthurs, Valerie Zapolsky and Darren Winslow terms are expiring. They have agreed to re-up. Anne Crump has resigned. Sam White had previously been on the list for next up for the board. Sam will be contacted. Everyone agreed.

Assessors will review the budget recommendations and process of establishing the annual fees with Millie and Jeff.

Ad Hoc Committee Report: (attached) Incident Form

Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting Sept. 2, 2023 at 9AM

Annual Meeting Sept. 2, 2023 at 11 AM
Respectfully submitted Val Zapolsky

Executive Board Meeting May 13, 2023

Meeting called to order by Millie at 9:02 AM: Brittany volunteered to take notes in Val’s absence.

Those Present: Ann Arthurs, Dave Arthurs, Brittany DiPompo Russell, Dave Douglas, Millie Hoekstra, Larry Malone, Mary-Ellen Moroney, Al Salvini, Rob Smith, Ana Wetherill, Darren Winslow, Ed Zambraski

Absent: Anne Crump, John Patriquin, Jeff Zapolsky, Val Zapolsky

Updates:  RE: Signs “trail” “Nile Brook Trail” on Austin property- these may refer to an old trail, Dave will check it out and if on Eric’s property he may remove them.  Brittany W.’s gathering at waterfront to be held June 10th at 2PM.  There have been many calls regarding storm damage and resulting issues.  New owners anxious to get started on building projects. Rick D. wants to have a gathering at the waterfront and he will be reminded that he is to be present during the event and all rules apply.

Minutes of March meeting:  Dave made a motion to approve the minutes and approved by all.  Note: some folks did not receive the minutes.

Treasurer’s Report:  see attached  Everyone reviewed reports sent by Jeff.  We have money and nothing unusual this  month.  A few road fees (heavy load) have been billed and some have been received. Darren mentioned that the vacant lot income is a lot higher than budgeted?  There is a good amount of in the Road & Snow account which will be spent during the summer for road maintenance. Accounts outstanding is at $17,027.29 which is mostly made-up of properties that are for sale, and we should receive funds once a sale is finalized.  Mary-Ellen made motion to approve, all in favor.

Road Commissioner Report:  see attached. Dave walked us through his written report.  Plowing was under budget this year approximately $6,000.  Great job by Burgess crew.  The heavy load limit signs are still posted. The Highlands sign may come down today or tomorrow and the Overlook area still has some soft spots and it may be another week or so before signs are removed.  There is a broken culvert on Lynn Way that will need attention soon.  Regarding violations of heavy loads—Dave will speak with the Plantations to see how they handle those issues. The crew installing the conduit for the Fidium fiber are working in The Highlands.  They are putting in new towers where needed.  Dave will meet with M & H Construction (Scott Millbury) to review roads soon.  Thanks to Dave A. & Ed Z. for helping fix areas with road erosion.  Topping material will be delivered to Overlook and Highlands holding area for potholes etc. Money will go towards topping this year vs. ditching.  Old Esker Way will need some attention. Hopefully most of the work will be done by mid-July to avoid heavy traffic.  Report accepted by all.

Waterfront Harbormaster Report:  see attached.  Ed reported that racks and boats slips have been assigned and the list is posted at waterfront and on website.  There is a waiting list (8) for kayak rack spots.  Due to high water the docks have not been installed as yet. The Finger piers were put in by John, Dave & Ed.  Due to the $15,000 quote for some new finger piers, the committee decided to build them for about $3,000 which will be done by Ed and team.  The steps with railings on both sides will be purchased and installed part way out the dock and in about 3’ of water for handicap access for approximately $2,500. The Committee will meet today at 11AM to discuss landscaping and other projects.  Ed will install a box like a realtor box on the shed to hold Information Sheet about the waterfront rules and expectations.  In recent conversation about an unauthorized boat being launched, Ed contacted the person and all went well.  We are trying to educate everyone. Darren had question about the Geese problem. Rob mentioned that he used a laser pointed and it seemed to work.  It is a difficult problem and the town is also working on the issue.  The poop needs to be cleaned up periodically and rakes are available. 

Procedures Ad Hoc Committee Update: see attached  Larry presented the draft proposal from the committee.  Other homeowners groups procedures were reviewed and researched.  Our responsibility is to educate the members on the rules as much as possible.  Dave A. and Jocelyn have developed an incident form.  Good discussion on good beginning; Larry and committee was asked to review #4 and #7 and bring back to July meeting.

Nominations:  Terms ending 2023 are: Anne Crump (resigned), Darren Winslow and Dave Arthurs are willing to be nominated for another term.  Valerie Zapolsky was not present to respond.

Other:  Suggestion for Octoberfest event for HOLA by Jonathan K. was referred to Waterfront Committee.

Meeting adjourned at 10:03 AM  Motion: Mary-Ellen and seconded by Ana.  MSP

Next meeting: July 8th at 9AM

Respectfully submitted by Brittany and Millie

HOLA Board of Directors meeting March 11, 2023

HOLA BOARD MEETING MINUTES- 9AM at the RFA Theater 3/11/2-23

Present: Millie Hoekstra, Val Zapolsky, Jeff Zapolsky, Ana Wetherill, Ed Zambraski, John Patriquin, Al Salvini, Mary-Ellen Moroney, Larry Malone, Dave & Ann Arthurs, Robert Smith, Brittany Russell, Darren Winslow,

Guest: Ben Wetherill

Absent: Dave Douglas, Anne Crump

Call to Order by Millie Hoekstra at 9:02 AM.

Millie attended a zoom meeting of LUPC discussing short-term rentals (STR). The Town of Rangeley is developing a STR ordinance and will hold a public hearing on 3/27/2023 at 6PM. The place is not yet decided.

A lot of properties are still changing hands and some new owners are purchasing waterfront rights and that money goes into the waterfront savings.

Minutes to the last Board meeting Jan. 14, 2023 received a motion to approve (J.Z.) and was seconded (A.A.). There were no questions, and they were approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report (attached) was presented by Jeff Zapolsky. Overall, the snowplowing has been less than budget and we are receiving additional road fees for construction projects. There are few long-term delinquencies, so we have sufficient funds. There was a motion to approve the treasurer’s report, seconded and approved unanimously.

Jeff also asked that there be a late fee for people who pay after Nov. 15th. They require a lot of extra work for the treasurer. This should also apply to owners paying installments. This was referred to the Ad Hoc Committee.

Road Commissioner’s Report: Dave Douglass verbally relayed the report to Millie yesterday.  The roads are in good shape and will be posted soon. There have been few problems with drivers getting stuck due to snow. The board was asked to tell Dave or Millie if you see any problems with the roads.

Waterfront Committee Report: (attached) Ed Zambraski stated that all the kayak racks and boats slips have been assigned. There is a short waiting list for only the kayak racks.

Ed made a motion to change the Waterfront Policy regarding renters boats (found on the HOLA website Section VI.N.) “Due to Milfoil concerns and the limited size of our harbor, renters cannot launch or tie up their boats within the HOLA Harbor.” The motion was seconded by Dave Arthurs. The vote was: Millie abstained, Val & Mary-Ellen against, the remaining 13 were in favor. The motion passed. Then Larry Malone motioned that the following wording be added immediately after the previously approved wording, “Renters with boats are to be directed to the Town Park to launch their boats as it is a much easier launch and the RLHT is screening for Milfoil.” Mary-Ellen seconded, passed unanimously. Both wordings will appear on the website and on the Boat Slip Application.

AD HOC Committee Report: Larry Malone said that the committee will meet in a few weeks and have a report for the May Board meeting.

Mary-Ellen Maroney made a motion to make the road fees the same for developed and undeveloped lots. Dave Arthurs seconded the motion. It was discussed and the motion failed: 1 in favor, 13 against.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:15 AM.

Next board meeting: May 13, 2023

HOLA Board of Directors meeting January 14, 2023


Present: Millie Hoekstra, Val Zapolsky, Jeff Zapolsky, Al Salvini, Mary-Ellen Moroney, Robert Smith, Dave Arthurs, Ann Arthurs, Larry Malone, Darren Winslow, John Patriquin, Ed Zambraski (via Zoom)

Absent:, Anne Crump, Brittany DiPompo Russell, Dave Douglas, Ana Wetherill

Mille called the meeting to order at 9:02 AM.

Updates: The roads are icy but well sanded. M&H is burning brush in the Overlook and the fire lasted longer than anticipated. The pile is still smoking after several days. The Fire Chief is involved. Many properties are still changing hands. If you see something new (a new foundation, or lots being cleared) then let Millie know.

Secretary’s Minutes of the last meeting:  (attached) Motion to approve: Jeff Z, Seconded: Mary-Ellen Moroney, Approved Unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: (attached) FYI We have Zell as a payment option  thru Franklin Savings Bank now, as well as the usual check method.

There was discussion about whether the $500 fee for heavy equipment to clear a lot was in addition to the $1000 for house construction or if it would be applied toward the $1000 fee. Varying opinions were expressed and the matter was referred to the Road Committee for discussion and a recommendation for the Board.

There was a round of thanks for the great job Jeff has done.

Road Committee Report: Dave Douglas did not submit a written report, but spoke to Millie and said, “All is good.”

Waterfront Committee Report: (attached) Ed stated that our dock installer has sold his business, so Ed will be tracking down a new installer over the next few months. The next committee meeting will be in March.

Ad Hoc Committee Procedures: (attached) Larry Malone suggested that the Board give this committee specific issues to address rather than trying to create general procedures for anything and everything. He suggested issues be divided into areas such as Safety, Liability, and Cost. For example, untended minor swimmers would fall under liability. Blocking a road would fall under safety. ATVs tearing up the roads would be a cost issue. This was referred to the Road & Waterfront Committee for a list of issues in order of importance.

Other business – none.

Meeting adjourned at 9:47AM.

Next meeting  Saturday, March 11 at 9AM at the RFA Lakeside Theater

HOLA Board of Directors Meeting November 12, 2022

Present: Millie Hoekstra, Val Zapolsky, Jeff Zapolsky, Dave Douglas, Ana Wetherill, Ed Zambraski,  Al Salvini, Mary-Ellen Moroney, Robert Smith

Absent: Dave Arthurs, Ann Arthurs, Anne Crump, Larry Malone, Brittany DiPompo Russell, Darren Winslow, John Patriquin

Millie H. called the meeting to order at 9:02 AM and asked the board to send any website updates that need to be done to her.

Secretary’s Minutes of the last meeting Sept. 3, 2022 were presented. Motion to approve by Ed Z.  Seconded by Dave D.  Unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report presented by Jeff Z. (attached) About 72% of people have already paid their 2023 bill. We have more income than expected due to all the road fees from all the new construction. We have plenty of money and are on budget.  Motion to approve Val Z. Seconded Dave D. Unanimously approved.

Road Commissioner’s Report: FYI Kim Sorrell is an arborist and has offered to help people prune to tops of their trees for views. We are ready for winter. Info for snowmobile trails is on the Winter Guideline on the website.  Access to the lake was discussed. (Cross from the Farmhouse to Lakeview Drive then down across the LCWI lot, staying to the North of the spruce trees to cross to the HOLA Waterfront.)

If you see any problems with the roads or new construction let Dave or Millie know.

Waterfront Report: (attached) Docks are out. All kayak racks have been assigned and are full. Ed is working on assigning the boat slips. It was mentioned that several owners have asked about an “easy to walk” way to the lake without having to navigate big riprap rocks.  Suggestions were made to place it beside the dock. Also, if there is a second ladder that it be placed halfway out for shallow water access for kids.  Nile Brook Way is a HOLA Road so improvements will come out of the Road Budget.

Ad Hoc Committee to review HOLA Rules, Policies & and to develop Procedures/fines to address non-compliance issues was created. MSP unanimously.  Larry Malone will be convenor of the Ad Hoc Committee.  Committee members are:  Dave Arthurs, Butch DeSanctis, Mickey Haas, Millie Hoekstra, Jocelyn Kinlock, Mike Leclerc, Larry Malone, Mary-Ellen Moroney, Ben Wetherill

They will review and bring suggestions to the board for approval. FYI the Town of Rangeley is creating a Short-Term Rental Ordinance. This could also be reviewed by the committee for incorporation into HOLA.

Motion to adjourn MSP unanimously.

Next meeting Jan. 14th, 2023 at 9 AM RFA Lakeside Theater.

HOLA Board of Directors Meeting September 3, 2022

HOLA BOARD MEETING MINUTES- 9AM at the HOLA Waterfront on Sept. 3, 2022

Present: Millie Hoekstra, Val Zapolsky, Jeff Zapolsky, Dave Douglas, Ana Wetherill, Ed Zambraski, John Patriquin, Al Salvini, Mary-Ellen Moroney, Larry Malone,

Absent (with excuses): Dave & Ann Arthurs, Anne Crump, Brittany DiPompo Russell, Darren Winslow, Mary Ellen Simon

Call to Order by Millie Hoekstra at 9:02 AM.

There was a discussion of recent gunfire incident at a Highland’s residence.  The owners has received an email and if no reply soon a phone call will take place.

The website has been updated with ATV info for landowners.  The Air B&B owner has been advised of issue with his renters and will update his information.

Minutes to the last Board meeting July 9, 2022 received a motion to approve and was seconded. There were no questions, and they were approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report (attached) was presented by Jeff Zapolsky. Overall things cost more this year, but because we had so many properties change hands, and there is a lot of construction going on, that we have received a significant amount of extra money (one time road fees). In the end we are doing fine. The budget for 2022/2023 was reviewed. In summary, no changes to fees are needed. There was a motion to approve the new budget, seconded and approved unanimously.

Road Commissioner’s Report (attached) was discussed by Dave Douglas. He went over budget due to increased costs, but he did cut back so the overbudget was diminished and the Board had previously approved taking over budget costs from the Road Emergency funds account. There is some tree work (trimming one hanging over road or at corners along the roads) still needed, but he will be getting that done by volunteers.

Waterfront Committee Report: (attached) was given by Ed Zambraski (Harbor Master). It was a good year and thank you to a great team working the waterfront.

Assessor’s Report (attached); There was some discussion of changing the fees but it did not receive a second and was tabled. The Assessor’s Report was unanimously approved.

Nominating Committee has contacted all the board members whose terms are expiring and only one (Mary Ellen Simon) wishes to retire. Robert Smith of the Overlook has expressed an interest in serving. The Assessors are all willing to serve again and the Road Commissioner is willing to continue. The slate of members for the Board, Assessors and Road Commissioner (attached) was moved, seconded, and was unanimously approved.

After the Bylaws revisions are approved, a Committee for Rule Regulations and Policies will be needed. Mary-Ellen Maroney, Larry Malone, Ben Wetherill and Dave Arthurs are willing to work on this. Maine state law states that a quorum for a HOA  Annual Meeting is 10% of members. We currently have 203 members, so we need 20 attendees.

Meeting was adjourned at 10 AM. Annual meeting starts at 11 AM.

Next board meeting: November 12, 2022

HOLA Board of Directors Meeting, July 9, 2022

HOLA BOARD MEETING MINUTES- 9AM at the RFA Theater on July 9, 2022

Present: Millie Hoekstra, Val Zapolsky, Jeff Zapolsky, Dave Douglas, Ana Wetherill, Ed Zambraski, Darren Winslow (zoom), Dave Arthurs, Mary Ellen Simon(phone), John Patriquin, Al Salvini,  Ana Wetherill, Ben Wetherill (non-board)

Absent: Ann Arthurs, Anne Crump, Mary-Ellen Moroney, Larry Malone, Brittany DiPompo Russell,

Meeting was called to order at 9:04 AM by Millie Hoekstra.

Secretary’s Minutes of the last meeting May 14, 2022 were approved without discussion, unanimously.

Treasurer’s Minutes (attached) – No problems, Report accepted MSP unanimously.

Road Commissioner’s Report (attached) Overlook work is done. Working on Highlands side this week. This is a bit over budget, but there are some emergency fund dollars. However, he did pare back some of the planned work as costs are so high.

Calcium Chloride will be spread after all the road work is done in August. Tree cutting will be done by volunteers and any owners please cut their low hanging branches over the road.

Ed Zambraski made a motion to approve the new speed limits of 10 mph on hills and 20 mph elsewhere to prevent wash-boarding of the roads and to reduce dust. All seconded and passed unanimously.

Dave reported that he posts an orange notice that new construction has paid their fees.

Waterfront Report (attached). Millie informed us that Sam White (a HOLA landowner) is now a Selectperson for Town of Rangeley. HOLA will be the next recipient of geese abatement.

Assessors will be doing their job this fall.

Nominating Comm. – Dave Douglas, Jeff Zapolsky, Millie Hoekstra, Mary-Ellen Maroney, MaryEllen Simon, John Patriquin & Ana Wetherill terms are expiring. MaryEllen Simon will not be re-upping. All others are willing to serve again, so we need one nominee.  Nominating Comm. is Val Z., Millie H., and Susan Welch. Someone suggested Sam White for the board, since she is a Rangeley Selectperson and a HOLA member. Two birds, one stone…

ATV question – Dana Pagley was going to speak at this meeting today, but he was called away for a family emergency and he has his property for sale and under contract. (see attached report) Ed Zambraski made a motion NOT to accept the ATV proposal. Ed presented his reasons. (attached) Val 2nd. All approved.

Ben Wetherill said there is a BnB behind him and they are not following the rules of HOLA. He asked that a letter be sent to the land owner with the rules and that he pass them on to the renters. Millie will do that.

Ed Z. then made a motion regarding ATVs. Dave Douglas 2nd. There was some discussion, but the motion was approved without changes. Motion: ”Until such time that it is legal for ATVs to use Route 4 to access the HOLA waterfront, from both the Highlands and the Overlook, the prohibition of ATVs at the waterfront shall remain intact.” MSP

Ad Hoc Legal Comm. – By-Laws update was sent to the Board over a week ago. The changes bring us into compliance with Maine law and make it clear that we have the right to create regulations and fine for non-compliance. There was minimal discussion. The changes were approved Unanimously. Now they will be presented at the Annual Metting for approval.

Ben Wetherill volunteered to sit on the new Policy & Procedure Committee that will be needed.  Dave Arthurs also volunteered.

Mary Ellen Simon thanked Millie for her stewardship and leadership.

Meeting was adjourned 10:12 AM

Respectfully Submitted,

Val Zapolsky


HOLA Board of Directors Meeting, May 14, 2022

HOLA BOARD MEETING MINUTES- 9AM at the RFA Theater on May 14, 2022

Present: Millie Hoekstra, Val Zapolsky, Jeff Zapolsky, Mary-Ellen Moroney, Larry Malone, John Patriquin, Dave Douglas, Brittany DiPompo Russell, Al Salvini,  Ana Wetherill, Ed Zambraski, Darren Winslow,

Absent: Ann Arthurs, Dave Arthurs, Mary Ellen Simon, Anne Crump

Meeting was called to order at 9:04 AM by Millie Hoekstra.

Updates: Many properties are on the market and many will be building this summer. Please review our website and send Millie any updates. Ann Arthurs recently broke her shoulder. A get-well card was passed around for everyone to sign. The review of all deeds and waterfront access deeds has been completed.  Presently: 257 lots/properties have deeded access and 16 do not.  The revised “What do I need to Know when building on my property within HOLA” will be added to our website and given to new lot owners.  The “HOLA Waterfront policies and requirements” document will be given to all rental agencies which should be included for any property they manage within HOLA.

Secretary’s Minutes from the last meeting: There was a motion to approve the Minutes from the March meeting – The motion was seconded and all approved.

Treasurer’s Report: (attached) Account balances are good. No comments. Motion to approve the report was made, seconded and approved by all.

Road Committee Report: (attached) There will be new gravel or shale placed on large sections of road this summer to build back up the road based. Some grading will also be done. There was some discussion of having a fine for being overweight on the road while they are posted. The State of Maine has a fine that can be given by the State Police, but no one else.  There was a motion to approve “There will be a HOLA fine of $1,000 for violation of spring road weight limit posting.” This was seconded, and approved. This will be leveed on the property owner, not the truck driver.

Waterfront Committee Report: (attached) Racks and boat slips are all assigned. Everyone was accommodated. Docks are in. There will be a new sign posted on the shed with EMERGENCY NUMBERS and INFO.  A lot of brush and storm debris was removed from the shoreline and a HOLA flag will be hung below the US flag on the waterfront.  There was a recent problem with a HOLA owner registering a boat slip with a non-owner’s boat.  Although historically this has not been allowed, there is actually nothing in our rules preventing that.  Ed Zambraski made a motion to go into effect in 2023. “When applying for a HOLA harbor boat slip, the boat being registered must belong to the HOLA applicant. HOLA members are NOT allowed to apply for a slip registering a non-HOLA member’s boat for the purpose of allowing a non-HOLA individual to use the assigned slip.” Much discussion occurred. The motion was amended to, “When applying for a HOLA harbor boat slip, the boat being registered must belong to the HOLA applicant or close family member. HOLA members are NOT allowed to apply for a slip registering a non-HOLA member’s boat for the purpose of allowing a non-HOLA individual to use the assigned slip.” This will go into effect in 2023. This was seconded and passed with 9 ayes, 1 nay and 2 abstentions.

Millie will communicate with the homeowner and will send a letter of explanation and the board’s support of our Harbor Master.

Ad Hoc Legal Committee: Has determined that the HOLA Bylaws need to be updated. One major change needed is that Maine State law requires HOAs to have 1 vote per property(lot) versus 1 vote per owner (which our current bylaws state).  The Ad Hoc committee will have the updated bylaws ready and sent to the Board for review at least 1 week prior to the July Board meeting, to allow time for the Board to review, amend (if needed), approve and send notice of the pending change to all HOLA members prior to the September Annual Meeting.

Adjourned at 10:37 AM

Next meeting: July 9, 2022

HOLA Board of Directors Meeting, March12, 2022


Present: Millie Hoekstra, Val Zapolsky, Jeff Zapolsky, Mary-Ellen Moroney, Larry Malone, John Patriquin, Dave Douglas, Brittany DiPompo Russell, Ana Wetherill, Ed Zambraski, Darren Winslow, Ann Arthurs, Dave Arthurs, Mary Ellen Simon

Absent: Anne Crump, Al Salvini

The meeting was called to order by Millie Hoekstra at 9 AM.


              We were notified by Dallas Assessors that Scott Ivers had a neon sign on a CMP pole on the snowmobile trail about his “club”. We told them we were not aware of it and would not allow it. The plantation and the state are involved. They are following up on compliance with the camper etc.

              Many HOLA properties have changed hand. Please welcome new neighbors, tell them about website and get contact info.

              Website – Suggestions to improve? Please send these to Millie.

Secretary’s Minutes of the January meeting. – No corrections. Motion- Jeff Z.  Second- John P. Approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report – Jeff Zapolsky  (attached)

There are two significant changes since the last report. 

First, Richard and Cathy Whitehead made a lump sum payment of $1,271 bringing their account to a zero balance.  At one point they had owed as much as $4,140 on 10/1/2015.  

Second, our plowing costs were $36,445 as of Feb 28, 2022.  You really can’t predict what this will mean for the rest of the season.  I’ve attached a chart showing how this compares to prior years.

Motion to approve-MaryEllen Maroney, Second-Ana Wetherill Approved Unanimously

Road Commissioner’s Report – Dave Douglas

              Burgess plowing is going well. Dave asked about when to post the roads. Dave Arthurs (previous Road Comm.) suggested doing it now. And if heavy truck must come in it sometimes can be done early morning before it warms up. Board members stated there are some over-leaning branches on the Lynnway and The Loop. Dave D. will address this.

Waterfront Report – Ed Zambraski

              The Waterfront Committee met and decided the sticker idea was too draconian as a first step. Ed distributed a Draft Memo to all HOLA Members and a one page Waterfront Guidelines for approval by the Board.  There was some discussion and the Memo and the Waterfront Guidelines were approved by unanimous consent.

Please relay any problems with the waterfront to Ed as he is keeping a journal for reference.

Assessors – No report

Ad hoc Committee on Snowmobile/ATV  – Dana Pagley

              Dana is meeting with the state for information. Dave Douglas has handled signage for snowmobile trail access.

Ad hoc Committee on Legal Issues – report attached. They are still in the investigative stage at present. They will meet again in 2 weeks. Dave Arthurs relayed that the Town of Rangeley is currently considering a Short-Term Rental Ordinance to address the Airbnb issue.

They were no other issues

Next meeting May 14th at 9 AM at the RFA theater.

Meeting adjourned at 9:50 AM.

HOLA Board of Directors Meeting, January 8, 2022

HOLA BOARD MEETING Jan. 8, 2022 at 9 AM in the RFA Theater

Present: Millie Hoekstra, Val Zapolsky, Jeff Zapolsky, Mary-Ellen Moroney, Larry Malone, John Patriquin, Dave Douglas, Brittany DiPompo Russell, Anne Crump, Al Salvini, (and by zoom) Ana Wetherill, Ed Zambraski, Darren Winslow,

Absent: Ann Arthurs, Dave Arthurs, Mary Ellen Simon

Updates: The corrected map of the HOLA property has been added to the website.

Morton & Furbish Rentals confirmed that all renters & owner carry liability insurance per their contract.

                    Samples of Deed Covenants & Restrictions was distributed

Secretary’s Minutes from Nov. 13, 2021. Motion to approve MSP.

A list of committee members for 2021-2022 was presented and approved. MSP (per Bylaws Art. 6, section 2)

Millie made a motion to approve paying Ed Zambraski for mowing services at the waterfront. MSP (per Bylaws Art. 5, section 6)

Treasurer’s Report (attached) – Motion to approve MSP.

              Most everyone has paid their invoices for 2021-2022

              Accounts Receivable is $22,552.78 (includes 4 members who have not paid for several years—we will collect when they sell their property), and several on installment payments.  Final letters have been sent to several, if payment is not received by end of month they will be sent to collection.

Road Commissioner Report – Dave Douglas gave verbal report.  There has not been much snow and Burgess is plowing and sanding well and Dave thanked him. There were a couple of people that asked for plowing after 2 inches of snow, so Dave sent out an email explaining that cars need AWD or 4WD and good tires on our roads. Plowing is done after 3-6 inches and sometimes with our storms (if possible) it is best to stay home until the roads are cleared. There have been no complaints since then. Dave asks to be informed if anyone notices any problems with the roads. There were no questions.

Waterfront Comm. Report – Committee meeting minutes of November 20, 2021 were presented.

Ed Zambraski presented a new HOLA Waterfront Policy approved by the committee for discussion by the Board. He stated that the part in BLACK text had everything from the old Waterfront Policy, but just rearranged. The RED text is new.

The BLACK text was discussed first. Val Z. noted that several things were missing from the new black text relative to the old policy. There was no mention of B1 (“Slip number 1 is permanently assigned to Mr. Paul Ellis and Family by deed.”) B7 (“No watercraft longer than 21 feet may be docked in the cove of the marina.  Only slips numbered 6 and 7 can hold a 21 foot watercraft.  The maximum size for the other slips is 18 feet. Boats on floating docks can’t be longer than the docks.  Pontoon boats are not allowed on the slips and may not be launched from our ramp.”), B8 (“Slip number 4 is for loading only.”) or C2 (“All motor vehicles shall be parked behind the tree line, which is marked for parking.”) from the old policy.

Ed Z. commented that C2 parking is addressed by signage at the waterfront. This was accepted by the Board.

After discussion, Jeff Z. made a motion: “that if prior approved policies B1, B7 and B8 are added back into the black text of the proposed policy, we approve the black text of the proposed Waterfront Policy as revised.” This was seconded by Val Zapolsky and passed by all.

Then the proposed changes in RED were discussed.

Jeff made the motion to accept the replacement of the word “Recommendations” with the word “Requirements” to the title of the waterfront policy, so the new title is “HOLA Waterfront Policy and Requirements.”  This was seconded by John Patriquin and passed.

Regarding the proposed red text in Section II. 1 “Paying guests of any nature, and those of inns and bed & breakfasts, are prohibited from using the waterfront for any purpose.” After much discussion, Jeff Z. made a motion that “we do not adopt that policy, but instead obtain a legal opinion regarding it with a monetary cap of $3,000. And that in the meantime the Waterfront Committee develop a policy regarding waterfront stickers for cars.” This was seconded by Val Z. and passed.

It was suggested the Waterfront Committee consider the use of numbered stickers for cars, such that each sticker number is linked to a specific lot/homeowner, perhaps 2 stickers per homeowner. These stickers would make it easy for the Waterfront Committee members, acting as stewards, to start the conversation with any unstickered car owners and discuss our policies.

Jeff Z. raised a concern regarding personal guests of homeowners (like his son’s family) without a sticker. Mary Ellen Maroney stated that would not be a problem because the steward would simply ask the unstickered car owner which HOLA member they were with and they would answer “I’m with Jeff Z.” and it would be fine.

Regarding the proposed RED text in Section III.2 “Paying guests* of any nature and those of inns and bed & breakfasts are prohibited from using harbor facilities to launch, tie up or enter the HOLA harbor with motorized craft.” This was defeated. This will be researched by Ad Hoc Legal Committee.

It was suggested that the renters with boats be directed to the Town Park to launch their boats as it is a much easier launch and the RLHT is screening for milfoil. This should be added to the “Summer Renter Guidelines”.

Ad Hoc ATV/Snowmobile Comm. There is no update.

The Ad Hoc Legal Comm.: To save time and money on the lawyer, Millie will present the info that she already has regarding deeds to the Legal Committee meeting in February and then the committee (and others) will collect the outstanding info regarding wording about the waterfront in all the other deeds to give to the lawyer for legal opinion regarding “owner rights”.

Next meeting March 12, 2022 at 9 AM.

Meeting adjourned at 10:14 AM.

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