HOLA – Highlands Overlook Landowners' Association

HOLA BOARD MEETING MINUTES   Noon on November 11, 2023 held at RFA Lakeside Theater

Meeting called to order by Millie at 12:01 PM:

Those Present: Dave Douglas, Millie Hoekstra, Larry Malone, Mary-Ellen Moroney, Brittany DiPompo Russell, Al Salvini, Rob Smith, Ana Wetherill, Sam White, Ed Zambraski Absent:  Ann Arthurs, Dave Arthurs, John Patriquin, Darren Winslow, Jeff Zapolsky, Val Zapolsky


Thanks to all for being flexible with the change in the meeting time.  Sam White was welcomed as new member.

Since July announcement to the increase in Waterfront Access Buy-in fees, there have been 8 that have upgraded their access to full.  There are about 14 that do not have a waterfront access deed. 

The Vector Map is still in process, some boundary lines have changed a bit.  We are working with the Plantations to verify the road names that they have submitted to the  911 emergency system and new street signs will be requested and installed. .  Ie. West Elbow is actually West Loop Road.

Secretary’s Minutes from the September meeting. Motion for approval – Ed Zambraski. Second-Dave Douglas. Unanimously approved without changes.

Treasurer’s Report: (see reports)

1. The fiscal year ended Sept 30.  The 2022-23 fiscal year summary as well as the YTD summary are attached.
2. On Oct 1, any balances remaining in the Administration, Waterfront, and Road & Snow accounts were moved into their respective Savings/Emerg Fund Accts.  This way, we are starting the new fiscal year with a zero balance in each of those accounts.
3. The money in the backup accounts is available for use at any time.  However, for bookkeeping purposes, I will continue to draw money from the active primary Administration Account, Road & Snow Account, and the Waterfront Account first, and then draw from their corresponding savings/emergency fund accounts only when the primary accounts are depleted.
4. As of Nov 4 we have received payments from 128 out of 202 landowners, i.e. 63%.  The bills are due on Nov 15.  I will send a reminder email or letter to any unpaid accounts on Nov 30.  
5. The spreadsheet for heavy equipment road fees is attached.  Please inform me if you see any new foundations.

6. We have had several people upgrading from 100′ to full WF rights.  Currently, out of 260 properties, 240 have full WF rights, 6 have 100′ rights, and 14 have no WF rights.

7. If you know of any new builds (foundation installed), please let Jeff know.

Motion to approve the treasurer’s report, Dave D. seconded and all approved.

Road Report:  Dave Douglas reported:

  1. We were able to get some grading done this fall. 
  2. Dave met with Burgess Construction to be sure all roads were in shape and plowable for the season.
  3. Dave has looked at the road signs and ordered some signs for the roads in the plantations.
  4. Kutting Edge & the state finished ditching near Overlook Road that was damaged from the storm earlier.
  5. All is in good condition for the winter.
  6. Letter has been sent to Rangeley Town Manager stating our concern about the speed limits and passing lanes on Route 4 from the Lodges to Overlook Road.  This is not a HOLA issue but it affects us and our safety especially as we enter or exit Route 4 near Nile Brook Way.
  7. The list of 2023-2024 Road Committee members was approved.

Waterfront Report: (attached)

  1. Ed reported that the waterfront is closed for the season, he has notified the owners of the two kayaks still on the racks.
  2. Rangeley Docks removed the docks for $500 less than previous company.
  3. 90% of the kayak rack spaces and 90% of the motor boat slips have been assigned for next summer
  4. The old swim raft was rotten and was cut up, the committee voted not to replace it for next summer.
  5. We need a policy regarding who can have kayak space or boat slip.  After discussion, it was proposed and approved by all: Rack spaces/boat slips are for owners or close family members and not for renters use.
  6. The list of the 2023-2024 Waterfront Committee members was approved.         

Ad Hoc Committee Report:

  1. Larry assumes that the work assigned to this committee is complete.  The system is in place for reporting any issues and framework is there if needed.

Discussion Items:

  1. Should we put names of HOLA members on our website?
    1. Ana W. not comfortable with that
    1. Mary-Ellen suggested a booklet for members use
    1. Dave D. we need certain areas on the website to be password protected
    1. Is it time to reformat the website into 2 sections—Public and Member access?
    1. This will be addressed at the January meeting
  2. LUPC has proposal for the STRs in the Plantations which was presented at their meeting on November 8th.
    1. We will wait to see what is finalized at their meeting in January.  Home owners (STRs) in the Plantations will be affected.  Rangeley will address the issue again after the state establishes procedures.
    1. State is suggesting: Registration, Septic system and parking spaces appropriate for capacity number, and a 24 hour local contact person
  3. Construction Hours/Noise Hours for HOLA
    1. There has been lots of construction (and Noise) during the past two years
    1. Larry suggested that our policy should be about “Noise” and not specifically “Construction”
    1. Do Plantations have any quiet hours?
    1. Building permits in Rangeley are for 2 year period and Plantations (LUPC) have a 5 year permit (some completion delays have been created by supply issues)
    1. Larry suggested a policy/statement should be “short and sweet”
    1. Homeowner associations can make rules that are stricter than town/state but not les strict
    1. Sam and Dave D. will work on a proposal and email it to the board prior to our next meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 12:50 PM.

Next meeting: January 13, 2024 at 9 AM

Respectfully submitted Brittany Russell