HOLA Winter Guidelines

HOLA:   Winter Guidelines for Homeowners

The HOLA Board wishes to help each of us keep our property values high and maintenance costs low.  This list of recommendations is to enhance everyone’s enjoyment and to remind individuals of the harsh weather and road conditions we experience during Rangeley winters.

  • Snowmobile Access to the lake is via Nile Brook Way from Overlook Road across Rt. 4 and the Highlands – Kendall’s Farm Trail access, across to Rt 4 and to lot P3 to HOLA Waterfront property.
  • Vehicles should have appropriate winter gear such as snow tires, studded tires, all wheel/4 wheel drive, sand and/or shovel.  Non-snow tires and two wheel drive vehicles often get stuck.
  • Roads may be briefly impassable from time to time during storms and immediately thereafter.
  • HOLA owners of Snowmobiles may travel slowly on HOLA roads solely to access trails.  Please do not ride on the roads or anyone else’s private property for recreation.  Please note that the new signs on the power line are there to inform non HOLA members that using the HOLA roads as trails is not allowed.  Snowmachiners need to gain permission from any landowner to cross or recreate on their property regardless of posting.
  • Do not park cars, trailers or snowmobiles on the roads – the roads are too narrow for that. 
  • If your car gets stuck call your motor club (such as AAA) or a local tow company.  Getting stuck or stranded is the individual’s responsibility, not HOLA’s.
  • If there are any issues regarding the road conditions, call the HOLA Road Commissioner (Dave Douglas – 443-822-9043).  Do not call the HOLA plowing contractor.
  •  Homeowners are responsible to make their own driveways passable in winter.  The HOLA plowing contractor is not responsible for such.   If our road contractor works for you, you are responsible to pay him.
  • If renters have issues with roads they should call the rental agency.  The rental agency should contact the HOLA road commissioner.
  • Quiet hours for the Town of Rangeley and within HOLA are 10pm to 7am.  Please respect your neighbors.
  • Speed limit is 20mph. 
  • Fireworks are not permitted.