HOLA – Highlands Overlook Landowners' Association

HOLA Road Policy

As all municipalities have regulations providing for the protection of their roads, HOLA has the following regulations designed to protect its roads for the benefit of its owners.

  1. All roads will be posted each spring, as the weather dictates, against travel by heavy (in excess of 23,000 GWT) trucks hauling materials and equipment (excavating, well drilling, cement, etc.).  “There will be a HOLA fine of $1,000 for violation of spring road weight limit posting.” (5/14/22)
  2. HOLA Owners who start a project requiring excavation and/or the use of heavy trucks in the HOLA area are required to forward a non-refundable payment of $1,000 for the construction of a new home and $500 for other projects requiring heavy equipment, 72 hours prior to commencing work, to the HOLA Treasurer.
    Submit the appropriate fee to the HOLA Treasurer, 72 hours prior to commencing work, at P.O. Box 262, Rangeley, ME 04970 Attn: Jeff Zapolsky
  3. No roads may be opened (excavated) for the installation of utilities or culverts without first contacting the Road Commissioner of HOLA. Culverts must be 15” or larger.
  4. No excavating in the road right-of-ways of HOLA may be undertaken without first notifying the agency “Dig Safe”. They must be contacted at least three (3) business days before the proposed time of excavation so that they can mark the location of underground utilities. It is the responsibility of the owner/contractor to mark the proposed excavation site for “Dig Safe”. The “Dig Safe” telephone number is 1-888-344-7233.  Drill, excavate, blast, drive posts or pipes, it’s Maine law that you contact “Dig Safe”.

Please remember that HOLA roads are not to be used for trail riding for ATV’s or Snowmobiles. HOLA roads may be used to access snowmobile trails via Rangeley Lake or to visit other HOLA properties. Please note that the new signs on the power line are there to inform non HOLA members that using the HOLA roads as trails is not allowed.  There is no access to ATV trails from HOLA roads.  Members must trailer their ATVs to Depot Street to access a trail.

If there are questions about snowplowing or sanding please call Dave Douglas at 443-822-9043. He will contact the snowplowing contractor. Please DO NOT contact the contractor directly.


please consult your deeds for specific information



Overlook Road to Morel Road                                   60’

Overlook Road (formerly Winter) to lot 41 & 51        50’

Overlook Road (Winter) from 41/51 to town line      60’

Morel Road to Dallas town line                                  60’

Rangeley PLT

Winston Rd (section A)                                                50’

Old Esker Way                                                              50’

Dallas PLT

Overlook Road (formerly Winter) to lots 5 & 7            60’

From lots 5 & 7                                                             50’

Winston Road (formerly Robbins)to Sandy Rvr PLT line  50’

The Loop Road to Sandy Rvr PLT line                               50’

Sandy River PLT

All Roads (Overlook, The Loop, Barbara Lane,

West Elbow, Aerie Trail, Summit Road, Left

Branch, Winston, Paul’s Path, Eagle Lane)                     50’

Cul-de-sacs                                                                    50’ Radius

Summit                                                                           50’

Aerie Trail                                                                         50’



Lynn  Way to Dallas PLT town line                                  60’

Kendall Farm Trail to 11E/16E(right of way)                   30′

From 11E/16E to Dallas Plt town line                             60’

Marion Drive from Lynn Way to Tilt of Kilt                    30’

Dallas PLT

Tilt of Kilt                                                                        30’

Marion Drive to Tilt of Kilt                                              30’

Marion Drive to Lynn Way                                              60’

Lynn Way to Harold Ross Rd                                          60’

Kendall Farm Trail to Lynn Way                                      60’

Kendall Farm Trail Ext @ 14H & 1HA to Circle               60’  Radius 100’