HOLA – Highlands Overlook Landowners' Association

September 2009 HOLA Minutes

Millie Hoekstra opened the meeting with introductions of the Board of Directors and thanking them for serving this year and handling the business for the Association..

Social Activities Report, Treasurer’s report, Waterfront Committee report and Road Committee report were given by the Treasurer and Committee Chairs and the Road Commissioner. (see September 2009 Board Minutes for details of the reports)

Treasurer’s Report:

Total liabilities & equity of $31,713.27 and net profit of $3,761.47.

The assessments for the next fiscal year will be the same as last year, which is $210 and $463. This was approved by the membership.

Total Road Budget of $77,000.

The following Board Members were reelected for a new three year term:

Paul Ellis, Dick Moore, Darlene Munson and Jeff Munson.

Les Hoekstra was elected to another one year term as Road Commissioner.

Some concerns were raised regarding ATVs and access to the trail system. New signs will be posted. A reminder for all: HOLA roads are to be used by members only for access to the trail system or visit another HOLA property.

Members are encouraged to visit our website for information/policies and news www.highlandsoverlook.org. and/or email millie@youthunlimited.org or call 207-864-2963 if you have a concern.

Next years Annual Meeting and pot luck luncheon will be on September 4, 2010 at 11:00 A.M.

Membership meeting adjourned at 11:55 AM.

Board of Directors met briefly and elected officers for the coming year:
John Clark…Secretary
MaryEllen Moroney….Vice Chairperson
Mike Moroney….Treasurer
Millie Hoekstra…Chairperson

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