HOLA – Highlands Overlook Landowners' Association

Board of Directors Meeting


November 12, 2016

Members present: Millie Hoekstra, Mary-Ellen Moroney, Darlene Munson, Jeff Munson, Mary Ellen Simon, Ed Zambraski, Jeff Zapolsky, Valerie Zapolsky, John Clark and guest Ben Wetherill.

Absent: Ann and David Arthurs, Anne Crump, Terry Donovan, David Douglas, Paul Ellis and Ana Wetherill.

Minutes of the September meeting was accepted as submitted.

Treasurer’s Report: Jeff Zapolsky presented the following: click  here

Road Committee Report:

OCTOBER 27, 2016

Work performed since last report:

Summit Road, which was a mud bog in the spring was repaired by laying down fabric and covering the fabric with 4 to 5 inches of ¾” crushed shale. Shale was spread with a grader and compacted with a large vibrating roller.

West Elbow: This road previously had no homes built on it and was extremely narrow and washed out. There is now one home on West Elbow and the homeowner called to advise of its poor condition. This road is also very steep and prone to water damage. West Elbow was ditched, graded and widened. Crushed shale was then laid down and compacted with the roller.

Morel Road: Morel was graded and a small amount of crushed shale was laid down around the curve of the roadway. Shale was then compacted with the roller. 270 cubic yards of crushed shale was used to repair these three roads.

Overlook Road: Various sections were graded and areas where material was brought back into the road from the sides were rolled for compaction. The bottom of the road near Rt. 4 was graded and several yards of reclaimed asphalt mix was put down and compacted with the roller.

The Circle: Due to a hump in the road, created by a culvert that pushed up in the center, a small amount of ¾” crushed shale was put down near the intersection of Overlook Road, graded and compacted with roller.

The Loop Road: three sections of the road were graded. Sections where material was brought back onto the road by the grader were also compacted with the roller.

Kendall Farm Trail: A small section near the dead end was washed out. This area also needed to be ditched and have material added to build it up.  Scott from M & H used the grader to dig the ditch. He then graded most of the dirt from the ditch onto the road, crowned it and rolled it. By doing this, he saved us quite a bit of money, as we did not have to build the road up with expensive crushed shale.  ¾” crushed shale was used to complete the repair.

Marion Drive was graded and all material that was brought back onto the road was compacted with the roller.

The Lynn Way was graded and rolled near Rt. 4.

Scott from M & H did a fantastic job with the grader. This grading was not the usual once up and down type of grading. Material from ditches was pulled out and deposited back onto the roads. Multiple passes were made to smooth out this added material and to re-establish a crown on all the roads that he graded. A roller was then used to compact this added material.

This is slightly more expensive but will be worth it in the long run, as you are cleaning out the ditch areas and adding this material back to the roads.

James Carignan was contacted to cut down one tree and trim several more on the north entrance of Overlook Road. Cost was $120.00

Total cost: $8,751.50                                                                    $6,350.20                                                                                                 $120.00                                                                  $15,221.70

Previous amount spent since October 1, 2015:                                                                  $61,352.28

Total:                                                              $76,573.98

Money budgeted for grading but bill never received.                                                                   -$2,400.00

Total money spent for 2015/2016 budget                                                              $74,173.98

I would like to thank the members of the road committee who I depend upon for strategizing on plans for upcoming road work and volunteering to help when needed. There are always volunteers to step in and handle any ongoing projects or problems when I’m occasionally away. I would also like to thank Ed Zambraski for volunteering to repair small problem areas on the Highland’s side with his Kubota. Ed also had signs made up and placed at ATV/ Snowmobile trail entrances into H.O.L.A. These signs state that ATV’s, snowmobiles and dirt bikes are prohibited on H.O.L.A. property. These signs were put up to deter individuals who do not own property in H.O.L.A. from trespassing and digging up our roads. H.O.L.A. homeowners are still allowed to ride from their homes to a trail or a neighbor’s home.

Jeff Zapolsky has been our treasurer for the past year and has also been very helpful to me in my duties as Road Commissioner. He has proven to be very knowledgeable, keeps the records completely up to date and pays our road bills promptly. Jeff has also brought in monies from delinquent accounts by writing numerous letters to the delinquent homeowners/landowners, explaining why their road fees are important to us, and starting court action against others who are seriously delinquent in their payments.

Dave Arthurs

H.O.L.A. Road Commissioner

Ricky DiGiovanni – 42 Winston Road issue. After discussion and photos presented by Ed Z, the Board voted to cover the rocks, in his driveway, with sand or a gravel material.

Waterfront Committee Report:

Waterfront November 12, 2016

I met with our warden, Patrick Egan, and borrowed a screaming pistol.  We tried it out on the geese at the waterfront.  They moved a little down the lake.  The sea gulls took off.  Terry Donovan tried it out during the next week.  We are considering a Bird Buster Pistol for next year.

Terry and Jane Donovan took out the small docks.  Andy Avails came down with his tractor and moved the docks nearer the shore.  My grandson helped.

Ed and Nancy Zambraski cleared brush near the roadway, took down some low branches near the parking, and removed the debris.  Ed also made a new canoe/kayak rack and put in braces to strengthen all of the racks.

The 14’ aluminum boat is back near the canoe/kayak racks.  I put a letter on the boat, which has been removed, and wrote the owner, who had previously registered the boat.  That was Brent Snow, who said he traded in the boat to Larry Koob.  Jonathan, at Oquossoc Marine, was unsuccessful in checking their records to discover the boat’s owner.  The owner called me last fall and removed his boat, but I could not locate his name.  The police chief suggested I call Patrick Egan, the Game Warden.  I have a call into him.

This summer I was told that renter’s from Grand View Highlands were coming to our beach.  I have written to four of the owners and heard back from two of them.  Neither have tenants.

Mary-Ellen Moroney, Harbormaster

Ed Z gave an overview of what to expect in the next HOLA email Communication.

Millie past around an updated Committee member list.

Redesign of HOLA website – The board voted to have the website redesigned so that it can be managed by a member of the Board rather than hiring all the updates completed.

The next meeting will be on January 14, 2017 @ 9 am @ the Barn.

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