HOLA – Highlands Overlook Landowners' Association

August 2019 HOLA Board Meeting Minutes

8/31/19 HOLA Board Meeting 9:00 AM

The Barn on High Street

Anne Crump volunteered to take minutes for this meeting. 

July meeting minutes were approved.

Attendance: Dave Douglas, John Patriquin, Mary-Ellen Maroney, Dave and Ann Arthurs, Ana Wetherill, Mary Ellen Simon, Millie Hoekstra, Carole Hoffmann, Anne Crump

Road Committee Report: Road Commissioner, Dave Arthurs reported with Dave Burgess (plowing contractor) that Don Welch on Winston Rd. had problems with large rocks being moved by the plowing.  As a board we discussed how best to handle the issue.  The problem needs further investigation in order to find a solution.

About 1,300 cubic yards of shale were used to repair roads and culverts, and because of the excess snow plowing and extensive road maintenance; we are $7000 + over budget.  Next year Winston Rd. needs a culvert and ditching. DiGiovanni dug for electric work to power line across road leaving the road in need of repair. The ditch along Overlook Road 9C, Giovanelli to Larry Malone needs work to remove dam in that area to reroute water.  Trees hanging over the roads will be marked and removed. (click here for full report)

Treasurer’s Report: motion to approve report as presented was made by Mary-Ellen Maroney and seconded by Ann Arthurs was passed by all.

Waterfront Report:

Mary-Ellen Maroney reported that a meeting was held at 8:30 AM. Bees were relocated from shed.  We would like to have signage that says HOLA Harbor Place.  The shed will be stained.  The grass will be reseeded probably this fall.  Talk of trees being planted, but not for sure.  Committee are looking into a new ramp and possible further dredging for boats to launch.  She reported that renters of Air B&B can launch boats but cannot have a slip.

(click here for full report)

Assessors Report

John Patriquin gave report which was approved. Motion to accept by Ann Arthurs and seconded by Dave Douglas was passed by all.  
The road fees will stay the same this year and dues will increase by $10 this year. ($210, $463, $75)

Nominating report:

Mary Ellen Simon reported that all board members with expiring terms have indicated they are willing to remain on the board for another term.

Other items:

..Winter Guidelines were reviewed and will be given to all rental agencies and included in e-blast and our website.

..Concern about ATVs and Snow machines using our roads inappropriately was discussed. More signage should be considered and communication with local clubs.

Meeting adjourned at 10:05 AM

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