HOLA – Highlands Overlook Landowners' Association


Board of Directors Meeting


May 20, 2017

Members present: Millie Hoekstra, Jeff & Darlene Munson, Dave Douglas, Ed Zambraski, Mary-Ellen Moroney, Ana Wetherill, Jeff & Val Zapolsky, Terry Donovan, Anne Crump and John Clark

The minutes of the March meeting were approved as submitted.

Treasurer’s Report: Jeff Zapolsky approved as presented.

We have sufficient funds in the bank.  Collections are improving, in part due to the initial success of      using Attorney Paul Mills as our collection agent.  Also, the increased availability of email addresses for sending reminder notices has helped.  We are working to clarify fees pertaining to waterfront maintenance.–click here for report

Road Committee Report:

May 20, 2017

The roads held up well through this past winter and are continuing to hold up well, even with the unusually frequent and hard rainstorms we have experienced lately. Because the roads are firming up swell, I removed the road posting signs on Friday 5-19-17. All areas where we used ¾” crushed shale are in very good condition and it is still my belief that we continue to use it.

There are a few trouble spots that need attention and this year’s ditching is projected to be small. We will be grading, rock raking, where needed, and administering calcium chloride as dust control and a road binder.

As you know, a lot of our roads are at or below grade. They have poor water runoff and are usually full of potholes. This year, we will apply as much ¾” crushed shale as possible in these areas with the intent of rebuilding as many areas as possible. In August, the road committee will apprise our projects along with our budget and determine if the budget is enough to continue our maintenance program, while also rebuilding our roads. The road committee will then advise the board of our findings.

I would like to thank Ed Zambraski for filling in potholes (too numerous to count) on all the roads in the Highlands with crushed shale. This work obviously entailed a lot of time and effort on Ed’s part.

In my last Road Commissioner’s Report, I advised that Burgess exceeded the $40,000 cap for 2016/2017. I brought this before the board and the board voted not to pay the $2,212.50 bill which covered March 7, 2017 through March 21, 2017.

Total monies spent to date:

Road money spent from October 1, 2016 to October 25, 2016.                               $1800.00

Total snow money spent for 2016/2017.                                                                    $40,119.00 **

Total road and snow monies spent to date.                                                                 $41,919.00

** The $119.00 that Burgess went over in his budget will be deducted from his 2017/2018 budget.

Dave Arthurs

H.O.L.A. Road Commissioner

Waterfront Committee Report

May 20, 2017

The sheets are down at the waterfront with the boat slip assignments and the canoe/kayak assignments.  These should also be on the web site.

I bought two new black hoses.  Terry Donovan and I put them down at the waterfront yesterday.  These are supposed to look like snakes to the geese and scar them away.  This technique worked at Saddleback Lake last year.  I am also going to buy a bird blaster.

We should be able to replace the old docks this year.

We are going to put numbers on the new canoe/kayak rack and the other new one Ed Zambraski is going to build.

The Waterfront Committee is going to meet at the Harbor at 10:15 this morning to help Andy Avelis put in the small docks.  The small docks will need repairs or replacements.  We will have a meeting afterwards.  Andy is going to power wash the benches and we will stain or polyurethane them later.

Paul Ellis is going to continue to do the mowing while he is able.

The port-a-potty has been put back at the Harbor.

Ed and Nancy Zambraski have trimmed brush on the side of the road.

Mary-Ellen Moroney, Harbormaster

Nominating Committee Report: Jeff Munson advised that he had talked with the four members who’s terms expired this year and they agreed to serve another term. Dave Arthurs, John Clark, Anne Crump, and Terry Donovan.

Other Items: There was discussion whether or not to replace the gate in the Highlands. It was decided to allow the Road Committee to make the determination and take action.

Ed Zambraski advised that another advisory report will be sent out soon. Covering several area issues and some specific to HOLA.

There will be a pot luck dinner at the Munson’s Rangeley residence at 5:30 P.M. on Friday July 7th for the HOLA Board of Directors.

The next Board Meeting will be on Saturday, July 8th at 0900 at the Barn.


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