HOLA – Highlands Overlook Landowners' Association


HOLA ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING SEPT. 5, 2020 AT 11 AM AT THE WATERFRONT (wipes and sanitizer provided)

Meeting called to order at 11:05 AM by Millie Hoekstra.

Present: 73 homeowners (including the board) highest attendance ever!

Millie thanked the Board for all their work and introduced each by name to all. Everyone is a volunteer and gives lots of time to keep the organization running smoothly. Thank You to Terry Donovan (retiring) for serving 6 years on the board.

Everyone was encouraged to sign the attendance sheet and give contact info if it has changed. If you want to volunteer on a committee email Millie ASAP. 

New Owners were welcomed. They were encouraged to talk to a Board Member, volunteer and become involved. Our website: www.holarangeley.org has a great amount of information—check it out.  ATV trail maps were just added.

Minutes of the last Annual Meeting Aug. 31, 2019 – Approved MSP

Road Report (attached): This is the last year of our snow plowing 5 year contract with Burgess Construction and Property Maintenance, so plowing probably will go up and we will need more dollars to continue to care for our roads. We have not increased our road fees in 13 years. Other area HOA fees are $1400 – $3200. We get a bargain, but expect an increase next year. 

Red-orange marks on roads are by Dig Safe because we will be digging to replace some culverts and ditching and cutting back brush. All are welcome to cut fallen trees that block road, but do inform Dave Arthurs that the tree is down.

There are piles of shale at the end of Kendall Farm Trail (Highlands) and by Dave Arthurs house (Overlook) for filling potholes. Everyone was encouraged to take a 5 gallon bucket and fill potholes near ones house.

If you have an issue with the roads, please call our Road Commissioner (Dave Arthurs)—do NOT call our contractors who are doing their best on our roads.

Waterfront Report (attached) – M&H Construction will remove dead trees and will add riprap to harbor entrance in October. In the process of getting a 911 number, we are changing the name of the waterfront road to “Nile Brook Way”.

Treasurer’s Report (attached) – Account Balances look good. We have $25,899 in Emergency Funds. Franklin Saving Bank Operating Account = $23,900 which will get us through the end of Sept. New Fiscal year starts Oct. 1st. Roads are over budget on calcium, but under on plowing, so okay as well. Delinquent accounts are down to just over $16,000 (previously this amount was over $30,000). Budget was sent out to all prior to the meeting. There were no questions. HOLA Budget for 2020-2021 MSP.

Assessors report, based on budget needs and improved and unimproved properties, the road fees will remain at $210 for unimproved lot and $463 for improved lot. Expect an increase next year.

Ballots (attached) were verbally presented and voted by a show of hands. All slates passed unanimously.

Next Annual Meeting will be Sept. 4th, 2021. Location TBD.

Adjourned 11:45 AM

..The Board of Directors met briefly and voted to keep the same officers for next year.


July 2020

Dear HOLA members:

2020 has been a very different year. Covid-19 is impacting our activities in Rangeley; although we do not know of any local cases thus far.  Summer has arrived in the Rangeley Region, but the town is still a little quiet. Many seasonal residents and vacationers are delaying their return this year. There have been many programs and events postponed or cancelled for the summer. But the outdoors has not been cancelled and there are many opportunities to enjoy our beautiful region.

Our roads survived the unusual winter and we have done some maintenance and grading but most of the work will be done in the fall. We hope you will soon be enjoying the waterfront and picnic area, the docks and new swim lines are in and ready for your pleasure. We are very thankful for the several volunteers who have cleaned up the area, planted grass and cut some of the overgrown bushes.  We have decided to mow less grass this year to see if this will be an effective “geese deterrent” and hopefully this will work.

Our HOLA Annual Meeting will be held at the The Barn at 4 High Street in Rangeley on Labor Day weekend—Saturday, September 5th at 11 AM.  Please wear a mask.  The road warrant is enclosed for your information.  We will be electing members to the Board of Directors, a Road Commissioner and approving the annual budget.  If appropriate come September; a coffee and donut reception time will be held at 10:30 AM prior to our annual meeting at the same location; come and visit with your neighbors observing social distancing.  If anyone is interested in serving on the HOLA Board of Directors or one of the committees, please let any BOD member know of your interest.  A healthy organization requires widespread involvement of the membership.

Please check our website www:holarangeley.org for the minutes of the Executive Board and financial reports of this past year.  To enable us to communicate with you more cost effectively, please send us an email with your email address: milliehoek@gmail.com.  An email newsletter is sent every few months. Please update your contact information.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the members of the board at anytime.

Sincerely yours,

Millie Hoekstra

Millie Hoekstra, HOLA Chairperson


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