HOLA – Highlands Overlook Landowners' Association

HOLA Board Meeting Minutes, September 5, 2020

Present: Millie Hoekstra, Val Zapolsky, Jeff Zapolsky, , Ana Wetherill, Ann Arthurs, Dave Arthurs, Ed Zambraski,  Brittany DiPompo, Carole Hoffmann, Mary-Ellen Moroney, Dave Douglas, Anne Crump, Larry Malone, John Patriquin,  (non-board attendee: Ben Wetherill)

Absent: Terry Donovan, Mary Ellen Simon

Millie called the meeting to order at 9:06 AM.

Secretary’s Minutes from July 11, 2020 – Motion to approve. No discussion. MSP

Treasurer’s Report (attached) – Account Balances look good. We have $25,899 in Emergency Funds. Roads are over budget on calcium, but under on plowing, so okay as well. Delinquent accounts are down to just over $16,000.

Budget proposalAssessors report, based on budget needs and improved and unimproved properties, the road fees should remain at $210 for unimproved lot and $463 for improved lot. MSP

Road Report (attached): This is the last year of our 5 year plowing contract with Burgess Construction and Property Maintenance, so plowing budget probably will go up and we need more dollars to continue to care for our roads. We have not increased our road fees in 13 years. But expect an increase next year.

Waterfront Report (attached) – M&H Construction will remove dead trees and will add riprap to harbor entrance. In the process of getting a 911 number, we want to change the name of the road to the waterfront from Burr Road (name of previous owner) to Nile Brook Way. MSP to change the name to Nile Brook Way.

ATVs are not permitted on Rte. 4 thus they have no legal way to get to the waterfront. No ATVs at waterfront will be added to waterfront rules. MSP

General discussion: There is no access to ATV trails except in town at Depot Street.   Discussion regarding ATVs using powerline (not allowed), joy riding on our roads (not permitted). We have installed signs, but there are no consequences. Can we establish fines? Board will review the Bylaws, if it is possible by statute and how it could be done and enforced.

Adjourned 10:15 AM

9 AM Via Zoom


Present: Millie Hoekstra, Val Zapolsky, Jeff Zapolsky, Mary Ellen Simon (on phone), , Ana Wetherill, Ann Arthurs, Dave Arthurs, Ed Zambraski,  Brittany DiPompo, Carole Hoffmann, Mary-Ellen Moroney, Dave Douglas, Anne Crump, Larry Malone

Absent: Terry Donovan, John Patriquin

Millie called the meeting to order at 9:03 AM

Secretary’s Minutes from May 16 were accepted without changes. MSP Unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: Jeff reviewed Account Balances, P&L and Unpaid accounts. No questions. Overall, we are in good shape.

2021 Budget was presented. It was discussed that we shouldn’t rent The Barn for meetings next year since we aren’t using it due to Covid. Otherwise all approved the budget to be presented at the Annual Meeting. MSP

Road Commissioner’s Report: See attached report. Roads have some problems that will be addressed at the next Road Committee.

Sign options were presented to help keep snowmobiles, off-road motorcycles and ATVs off our roads.  The signs were unanimously approved. They will be ordered and placed as directed by the Road Committee. A proposed letter from all of HOLA to the Town of Rangeley regarding ATV travel on Rte. 4 was discussed and approved. Millie will sign it.

There is a damaged section of road on the Overlook by Tim Allen. Millie stated it is Tim Allen’s responsibility to repair it.

It has been noted that the Rte. 4 entrance to the waterfront is very narrow and difficult to see entering or exiting. There has been a recent minor accident. An estimate from M&H to widen the top to 21 feet for 50 ft long (i.e. 2 lanes at the top) will cost a bit over $4K. This will come from Road budget. The expense was approved and should be viewed more urgent than other road work.

Waterfront Report: See attached report. Canoe & Kayak Rack racks are full. Still waiting on the Code Enforcement Officer to get a 911 # for the waterfront.

There was a recent incident at the waterfront where 2 young children (7 & 8 years old) were swimming without any adults present.  The episode was resolved without further problems, but it was felt this was unsafe. Suggestions for signage were discussed. It was referred back to the Waterfront Committee.

Nominating Committee Report: Val reported that board members whose terms are expiring are: Dave Arthurs, Anne Crump, Val Zapolsky and Terry Donovan. All but Terry Donovan are willing to continue on the board. Thank you to Terry for the years served on the board.  Darren Winslow (Highlands) had recently spoken to Val about wanting to join the HOLA board. Val nominated Darren. The slate was accepted by the board and will be presented at the Annual Meeting.

Other Business:

Consolidated is repairing underground  “poles/boxes/towers” that were knocked over in past winters. Let Millie know of any you see.

The Annual Meeting will be Sept. 5 at the waterfront RAIN or SHINE. Bring your own chairs, drinks and snacks. We will have a PA system so all can hear.

Next Board meeting will be at 9 AM Sept. 5 at the waterfront RAIN or SHINE

Having no further business, the meeting adjourned at 9:50 AM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Val Zapolsky

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