HOLA – Highlands Overlook Landowners' Association


Board Meeting  Minutes

September 2, 2017

Members present: Millie Hoekstra, Jeff and Val Zapolsky, Ed Zambraski, Jeff and Darlene Munson, Mary-Ellen Moroney, Dave and Ann Arthurs, Anne Crump, Mary Ellen Simon, Ana Wetherill, Terry Donovan, and John Clark

The minutes of the July meeting were approved as submitted.

Treasurer’s Report: Jeff Zapolsky:

Click here for treasurer’s report

The 2017/2018 Budget was approved to be presented to the membership.

The Treasurer’s report was approved as submitted.


Road Committee Report:                             Road commissioners report

        August 31st 2017

M & H graded and rock raked sections of all H.O.L.A. roads. If a section of road did not need to be graded, it was left alone. Areas that were identified as worn down, and could not be properly graded, were covered with approx. 2” of ¾” crushed shale. Sections of roads that needed repair, were repaired using up to 4 inches of shale (Kendall Farm Trail and the Overlook Road). After the shale was laid down, a grader was used to smooth over and spread the shale. 686 cubic yards of ¾” crushed shale was spread on our roads this summer to build them up. Overall, I am pleased with the amount of shale that we have put down with our limited budget. We will continue to rebuild and improve our roads.

80 bags of calcium chloride were spread on Tuesday, July 25th, 2017 by Terry Morgan. Myself and Alan Salvini cut the bags open and dumped the calcium into Terry’s loader, which was then dumped into the spreader. The actual date to spread the calcium was changed twice, due to the weather changing from sunny and clear to heavy rain at the last minute. Thankfully, Mr. Morgan took the cancellations in stride and accommodated us.

Ed Zambraski advised that he used all the shale (Approx. 7 cubic yards) that we dropped off last summer, at the dead end of Kendall Farm Trail, to repair pot holes and such in the Lakeview Highlands. Ed further advised, that he is willing to continue to contribute his time, labor and use of his Kubota. To that end, M & H dropped off approx. 6 more yards of crushed shale at the dead end of Kendall Farm Trail. Thank you, Ed.

The Lakeview Highlands sign at the bottom of the Lynn Way was knocked over and damaged due to an automobile accident. After negotiating with the driver’s insurance company, they sent us a check for $1090 which will cover our expenses for a new sign, along with the installation costs.

The board voted to replace both H.O.L.A. signs as the Rangeley Overlook sign is old and in bad shape due to wood rot.

Both signs will continue to say, “Lakeview Highlands” and “Rangeley Overlook” in large print. Below that, in smaller print, they will say “Highland Overlook Landowners Association” and below that, “Private”. The signs will be made and installed by Signworks in Farmington. The Lakeview Highlands sign will be finished around the second week of September. The Rangeley Overlook sign is expected to be completed a few weeks later.

Millie and Val proposed cutting the buildup of brush along several sections of our roads. Millie advised that the individual, who was contracted with in the past, has passed away, so we will have to find another contractor.  Dave Douglas stepped up and contacted Mike Ferguson on cutting the brush buildup in the Highlands and the Overlook. Dave Douglas and Ed Zambraski surveyed areas to be cut and Mike Ferguson subsequently did a good job cutting back said brush.

Total money spent to date:

$41,919.00      Road work/Snow Removal 2016-2017 (Includes $1800.00 for Ditching and culvert cleaning in October 2016).

$19,340.70      M & H Grading, rolling, rock raking, delivery and spreading of ¾” crushed shale.

$ 1,290            Calcium chloride

$     180           Terry Morgan for spreading the calcium.

$     375           Mike Ferguson, Brush cutting.

$       83.09      Road signs made up by Ed Zambraski

$       35.00      Permit from Rangeley Code Enforcement, for permission to install new Lakeview Highlands sign.

$    23.50         Town of Rangeley dump fees, for waterfront cleanup and the old wooden posts from the Lakeview Highlands sign. (Ed Zambraski cleaned everything up and transported everything to the Rangeley transfer station)

Total money spent to date:                                                                             $63,246.29

We have money left over this year, so we will be laying down additional crushed shale this fall.

* On the 8-20-17 Road Committee report, the money paid to Terry Morgan was listed as $250.00. This was wrong. The correct amount of the bill was $180.00

Thanks to the road committee members for their input and support.

Dave Arthurs, H.O.L.A Road Commissioner

Road Committee report was approved.

Waterfront Committee Report September 2, 2017

I want to thank our great Waterfront Committee: John and Peggy Clark, Dick Moore, Paul Ellis, Dave and Ann Arthurs, Gary Wadsworth, Ed Zambraski, Butch DeSanctis, and Dave Sarr.  The Waterfront Committee has been great this year.

All the canoe/kayak racks have been full including the two new ones that Ed Zambraski made.

Terry Donovan has been using our Bird Bangor to scar the geese.  He has also trimmed the grass low on the side of the harbor so that he could get rid of the goose deposits.

David Burgess is going to get us the correct decking for the docks and the two new docks next year.  We had problems with the dock supplier this year.

Andy and Cindy Avelis used their tractor to put in the small docks.  Gary Wadsworth  rebuilt parts of the small docks. Ed Zambraski cleared by the entrance of the road to give us more visibility.  He also weed-wacked.

Dave Douglas and Rick found the moorings for the swim lines and installed them for us this year.  Dave also added another chain to the raft.  Paul Ellis donated a picnic table, bar, and benches to our waterfront.  Andy Avelis used his tractor to move them from Paul’s house to our Harbor with the help of Dave Arthurs and Val Zapolsky.

You sign up for the canoe/kayak racks and for the boat slips when you pay your dues in the fall.  The Waterfront committee will assign the slips after the January Board Meeting.

I will notify members regarding the slips after the Meeting.  The canoe/kayak assignments will be posted on the first rack.  All canoes, kayaks and boats must be removed by October 15th.  We recommend tying down the canoes and kayaks, as the Harbor can be quite windy.  You leave your vessels at your own risk.  We do not monitor them.

We ask that everyone pick up after their own dogs.  There are no dogs allowed in the Swim area.

Fall boating and fishing starts Tuesday.  There is a sign-up sheet in the box on the shed.

Mary-Ellen Moroney, Harbormaster

Nominating Committee:

Jeff Munson advised that all of those with expiring terms are willing to serve another 3 year term.

Other items:

The removal of trees to be discussed at the membership meeting. Make sure that members communicate with adjoining land owners before cutting trees.

The next board meeting will be on November 11, 2017 at 0900 at the Barn.



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