HOLA – Highlands Overlook Landowners' Association

HOLA Board Minutes Nov. 16, 2019 9 AM at The Barn

Present: Terry Donovan, Millie Hoekstra, Val Zapolsky, Jeff Zapolsky, John Patriquin, Brittany DiPompo, Ana Wetherill, Carol Hoffmann, Ann Arthurs.  Ben Wetherill–guest

Absent: Maryellen Maroney, Mary Ellen Simon, Ed Zambraski, Anne Crump, Dave Douglas, Larry Malone, Dave Arthurs

Millie called the meeting to order at 9 AM.

Motion to approve the minutes of the last meeting MSP unanimously.

Treasurers Report: attached.

Overall, for fiscal year ending 9/30/19, we spent more than we collected. We used emergency funds for the harbor dredging and some road repair. Payments are coming in well; so far 78% collected.

Jeff reviewed the unpaid accounts and no new ones will be sent to collection. He wants to propose a different payment plan to the most recent non-payor. MSP unanimously.

Waterfront Report: attached.

Road Report: attached.

It was thought to be a good idea to put the “Winter Rental Rules” in the eblast again.

John Clark, our longtime HOLA resident and board member has passed away.  Motion to send $100 to AmVets in his memory was MSP unanimously.

Meeting adjourned 9:40 AM

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