HOLA – Highlands Overlook Landowners' Association

September 2016 HOLA Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting


September 3, 2016

Members present:
Millie Hoekstra, Dave & Ann Arthurs, Ed Z, Jeff Munson, Anne Crump, Ken and Sandy Young, Mary-Ellen Moroney, Mary Ellen Simon, Ana Wetherill and John Clark.
Absent: Terry Donovan, Dave Douglas, Paul Ellis and Jeff Zapolsky
Minutes of the July meeting were accepted as presented.

Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer’s report was approved as submitted.

Click here to view treasurers Report

Road Commissioner’s Report:
Winston road received some extensive work, in the form of 262 cubic yards of one half inch crushed shale. This material was placed on the steep downhill section of Winston, approx. 780 feet long. It was then graded to 6” in the center, down to 4” on the sides and then compacted with a roller. This same area was also ditched top to bottom on the eastern side of the roadway. Winston Road was in very bad shape from washouts. Hopefully, this work and material will make the roadway easier to maintain in the future. 14 cubic yards of crushed shale was put down, graded and rolled for compaction at the entrance to Burr Road. This was done to build up the road and remove the wash boarding.
Due to the constant state of disrepair of Overlook Road at Rt 4, I met with Todd Sawyer, a representative of Bruce Manzer, to get an estimate to blacktop the north entrance of Overlook Road from Rte 4, up approximately 220 feet, with a width of 20 feet. Due to the extreme grade at this entrance, blacktopping or concreting is the only way to prevent the bumps and corrosion. The price for blacktopping 225 feet by 20’ wide would be approx.. $10,000. The price is approx.. because the price Manzer pays for the liquid asphalt fluctuates. We experienced some flash flooding in August which took a toll on several of our roads in the form and deep ruts and washouts. The intersection of Overlook, Morel and the Loop Road was severely washed out. This has been an ongoing problem at this location. It was repaired by grading a very small section of Overlook and the Loop Road to remove a large rut and channel water off the roads. Crushed shale was then spread with the grader and rolled for compaction.
Paul’s Path near Overlook Road also received attention due to an ongoing problem of rutting caused by water runoff and a depressed inside corner. The problem area was graded and crushed shale was laid down and compacted with a roller.
Fall work will continue with several sections of roads being graded to clean up ruts and water damage, minor ditching and removing built up gravel from culverts. Areas of Summit and Kendall Farm Trail also need attention. Currently, very few of our roads are properly covered with material, either crushed shale or gravel. Maine DOT estimates dirt roads lose up to a half inch of material a year. A large number of our roads are incapable of being crowned due to the loss of material over the years. We do not have a large enough budget to cover our roads with the minimum of 4 to 6 inches of material over the next few years. This is a problem and we need a plan to address it. It will be discussed along with other committee member’s suggestions/recommendations at the next Road Committee meeting, which will be scheduled shortly.

The previous balance of total money spent, carried over from the April 30th road commissioner’s report to the July 9th report, should have been $37,627 instead of $37,189.
This would bring the total monies spent to date on the July 9th Road Report to $40,033.28.

  • Previous balance for road maintenance and snowplowing: $40,033.28
  • Burr Road: Added 14 cubic yards of crushed shale graded and compacted: 834.80
  • Winston Road ditching and extending a culvert: 1,892.50
  • Winston Road resurfacing, 262 cubic yards of crushed shale and compacted: 6,591.90
  • Grading – bill not yet received: approx.. 2,400.00
  • Lynn Way, removed, cleaned and replaced a culvert that was rising out of ground. 393.55
  • Intersection of Overlook, Morel and the Loop Road along with the intersection of
  • Paul’s Path and Overlook Rd. These areas were graded for water runoff, 1/2inch of Crushed shale was added to the roads, graded and compacted with a roller. 2,879.60
  • Money spent prior to October 1st 2015 but taken from the 15/16 budget. 6,206.65

Total road and snow monies spent to date. Approx. $61,352.28

We have entered into a new five-year plowing contract with Burgess Construction and Property Maintenance. The contract is for $40,000 per year with a maximum of $200,000 for the five-year period. There is no increase in cost to HOLA over the previous years’ contract.
Questions or concerns, contact me at 207-864-3992.
Dave Arthurs, HOLA Road Commissioner.
Road Committee Report accepted as submitted.

Waterfront Committee Report:
Terry Donovan has been doing an excellent job removing goose poo from the docks. Our goose deterrent materials have not worked as well as we had hoped. I checked the coyote forms at the town park and had to walk over a lot of goose poo to get to them so they also were not successful. Terry says the town has a $30,000 sweeper to pick up goose poo. We won’t be doing that. \The canoe racks are full. The slips are almost full. The Waterfront committee will meet after this meeting. We probably will build a new canoe/kayak rack.
We had a complaint about dogs in the swim area, which bothered the swimmers. One dog apparently moved the swim lines. The Waterfront Committee will also discuss this.
The water in the harbor is low. I will post a signup sheet for fall fishing.
Mary-Ellen Moroney, Harbormaster

Nominating Committee:
The Directors whose terms expire in September Are:
Dave Douglas, Millie Hoekstra, Mary-Ellen Moroney, Mary Ellen Simon, Ana Wetherill, Ken Young, and Jeff Zapolsky. All have agreed to serve another 3 year term.
Sandy and I have sold our house and this will leave two more openings on the board. I want to nominate Valerie Zapolsky to replace Sandy and Darlene Munson to replace me. My term expires this year and Sandy’s term expires in 2017. With these two nominations we will have a full slate of officers.
Ken Young and Jeff Munson, Nominating Committee.
Nominating Committee report was accepted as presented and new board members voted in are: Valerie Zapolsky (2017) and Darlene Munson (2016)


Unimproved Lots 135 -9 126 1.53 192.78
Improved Lots 126 -11 115 3.36 386.40
TOTAL 261 -20 241 579.18

Unimproved Lots 135 -9 126 1.53 192.78
Improved Lots 126 -11 115 3.36 386.40
Totals 261 -20 241 579.18

To collect from the landowners the required sums of money to provide for road maintenance and snow plowing/sanding, and to offset losses from the few landowners who do not pay their fair share, the assessors recommend the fees for the 2016-2017 period be as follows:

Total Road Budget $79,500 Divided by 579.18 base units = $137.26 per unit
Unimproved lots 1.53 X $ 137.26 = $ 210.00 X 126 Units = $ 26,460.00
Improved lots 3.36 X $ 137.26 = $ 462.34 X 115 Units = $ 53,169.10
TOTAL REVENUE $ 79,629.10
Road Budget $ 79,500.00
Net to Budget + $ 129.10
Fees for 2016-2017
Calculated/Actual Proposed
Unimproved Lots $ 210.00 Unimproved Lots $ 210.00 (same as last year)
Improved Lots $ 462.34 Improved Lots $ 463.00 (same as last year)

Ed Zambraski (Chairperson), Jeff Munson, John Patriquin

Other Business:

Communications Reports: Good reports are coming back from the membership regarding the email communications report that Ed Zambraski has developed.
The Board voted in favor of Ed Zambraski purchasing signs prohibiting ATV’s, Snowmobiles and other off road vehicles driven by other than individuals who are HOLA members or guests, on HOLA roads. These will be place where the power lines meet the HOLA road system.
The Overlook Sign needs repair and Ann Arthurs and Anne Crump volunteered to take care of the situation The repair cost of the Gate near the exit to Harold Ross Road will be reviewed.
Ed Z wanted to remind the Treasurer to include an email sign up card with the annual billing. The next Board Meeting will be on November 12th at 0900 at the Barn.

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