HOLA – Highlands Overlook Landowners' Association

September 2010 HOLA Minutes

September 4, 2010

The minutes of the 2009 Membership Meeting were approved as submitted.

Treasurer’s Report:

Mike Moroney submitted a report indicated that HOLA has total liabilities & equity of $46,668.57 and a net income of $16,404.14. The report was accepted as submitted.  Treasurers Report September 2010 – Click here

Waterfront Committee:

Mary Ellen Moroney reported the following: This year M&H put in cedar cribbing and filled it with #6 rock on the right hand side of the harbor. A-One Builders put in the docking in the spring. We plan to replace the left hand side with cribbing this fall. A fall fishing sign up sheet has been posted on the bulletin board on the side of the shed. Please sign up if you plan to use the cove during the fall.

Solar lights were placed on the two swim buoys and the swim ropes have not been cut by boats for the first time during a summer season. Paul sealed one the swim buoys to keep it from sinking.

The canoes and kayaks need to be removed by September 15, 2010 due to construction in the cove area. Please remove them so that they are not damaged when being moved by the tractor.

Sign up sheets for next year will be sent with the first dues bill. The slips will be assigned in January 2011. Please advise the Harbor Master if you will not be using your slip during the assigned period. If your boat is not docked at the slip during the time assigned; the slip may be assigned to another member.

Next season we are going to try wind socks on the docks to keep the seagulls from messing on the docks and seats. The Committee report was approved as submitted.

Long Range Planning Committee:

Please contact Millie regarding any future issues that should be addressed by this Committee.

Road Committee:

Report submitted by Les Hoekstra, Road Commissioner:

I regret not being able to be at the annual meeting due to my work schedule. Hopefully, this report will answer any questions or concerns you may have. And, as always, if you have any concerns at any time, feel free to call me or send an email.

Another year has sped quickly by and I believe our roads are in good condition. Last year’s extensive ditching did alleviate most spring season problems as it allowed water to drain from the roadbeds. One area of concern is the washboarding of the roadway in certain areas. This is mostly due to excessive speed and spinning of tires on the corners and hills. Many complaints have been received regarding “joy riding” of ATV’s on our roads. The HOLA policy states: “HOLA roads are not to be used for “joy riding” for ATV’s or snowmobiles. You may ride to the trails or to visit a HOLA neighbor. We do not want to prohibit all ATV and snowmobile use on our roads, so please adhere to the policy.

This fall we will be doing maintenance work on Barbara Lane as well as ditching and widening of the Upper Loop Road. We will add topping and do spot grading as needed. The Overlook Road is scheduled for major reconstruction beginning just above the Haley residence for approximately 500 feet. This will include removing up to 2 feet of the present soil and replacing it with 12” of 6 minus rock, a layer of fabric, 6” of 3 minues gravel and 6” crushed gravel. This would allow water to drain under the roadbed and alleviate the problems of the past few years.

The time and material plowing contract has been completed with Burgess Construction again for next year. It will be a 3 year contract of $40,000 cap each year.

Rick LaVigne advised that he has been on the Road Committee for over a year and that there has been only one meeting and has not received any other information regarding the roads. He feels that more communications needs to be used with members.

The Road Committee Report was accepted as submitted.

The road budget was approved as submitted for fiscal year 2010/2011.

Les Hoekstra was elected for a second term as Road Commissioner.

Assessors Report: Fees for 2010-2011 will remain the same. Houses – $463 and $210 – lots. Dues $45

Nominations Committee:

The following individuals were elected to a three year term:

Millie Hoekstra, Barbara Meservey, Mary-Ellen Moroney, Mike Moroney Ana Wetherill, Ken Young and Dave Douglas.

Other Business:

It was asked – how many houses can be built on one lot. Paul Ellis said that only one house is allowed on a single lot. Land use may vary from town to town.

It was requested that HOLA contact the Maine Department of Transportation regarding repairs to the entrance to the two hills on property owned by the State of Maine.

Barbara Swan passed around a booklet on an invasive plant that has been found in the Highlands. She and Gerri Bush have removed some in the ditches. Please be aware and remove if you find this plant. Check out the display at the Rangeley Library for more information.

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