HOLA – Highlands Overlook Landowners' Association

September 2007 HOLA Minutes

HOLA Annual Business Meeting

The annual HOLA meeting was held on Saturday, September 1st at 10:00 am at the HOLA waterfront.  About 50 association members attended the meeting.  The minutes for the meeting are posted below.

September 1, 2007 at 10 AM Minutes

Millie Hoekstra, HOLA Board Chairperson, gave an overview of the purpose of the Annual Meeting and introduced the Board members.

The following reports were presented and made a part of the HOLA records:

Treasurer’s Report by Mike Moroney. (copy to be attached)

Mike Moroney reported that the Association is in good shape. We have one large outstanding bill for road repair and more than enough on hand to make the payment. The report was approved as submitted and a copy of the balance sheet was placed into the records.  Filings will be made against several individuals who have not paid their share of the road fees.  Our fiscal year is October 1 to September 30.  It is important that we receive our income in a timely fashion.  New policy:  payment of assessments not received by November 15th will have a late fee ($100) attached and an additional $100 late fee will be attached if not paid by January 15th.

To see the latest HOLA treasurers’ balance sheet click here.

Social Activities by Darlene Munson.

Darlene reminded everyone of the luncheon at noon following the Annual Meeting and will have more advanced notice for next year’s gatherings.

Waterfront by Mary-Ellen Moroney:

Mary-Ellen Moroney submitted a report of all the improvements that were completed during this fiscal year and plans for 07 -08.  Mary-Ellen thanked the whole committee for all their work and pointed out the new storage shed built by Paul Ellis.  Request forms for boat slips will go out in the October mailing.  The board has approved the expenditure of $23 for CMP to bring power to the pole to be installed by the committee at the waterfront. The monthly charge for electricity will be $7.56.  We have received our 911 sign.  The HOLA waterfront is number 9 Burr Lane.  She advised that there were two new members of the committee: Gary Wadsworth and Dave Arthurs.

Road Committee, by Paul Meservey(for Tim who is on vacation):

Paul Meservey presented a report of scheduled repair work and indicated that some of the road work had been completed, some that would be finished before winter and plans for the upcoming year.

The 2007-2008 Road Budget of $72,000 was presented and accepted.

Reminder of new policy: the “Landowner Construction Fee” for heavy equipment on the roads, effective June 1, 2007, will be $1000.00 for a new home, and $500.00 for other construction projects with the fees being non –refundable. These fees must be paid to Treasurer prior to beginning the project.

Assessors Report, by Dick Moore:

The assessors report indicated that next year’s $72,000 budget for road plowing and maintenance would be assessed as follows:  lots with a building would be $432 and each vacant lot would be $196.

Lots on HOLA roads assessed for road maintenance: 109 improved (with house) and 127 unimproved.  Factors used: 3.3 X 109 = 359.7 units       1.5 X 127 = 190.5 units

Total units = 550

Road Budget for 2007-2008–$72,000 divided by 550 units = 130.91 per unit

Improved=3.3 X 130.91=$432  X 109 = $47,088

Unimproved=1.5 X 130.91=$196 = 127 =$24,892

Nominating Committee Report by Millie Hoekstra (for Cathy who is on vacation)

Lawton Allen and Cathy Baker have resigned from the board

The following individuals were elected by ballot.

Board Members:  Curt Haley, Millie Hoekstra, Barbara Meservey, Mary-Ellen Moroney, Mike Moroney, Ana Wetherill and Ken Young to a three year term to expire September of 2010, Paul Ellis to a two year term to expire in September of 2009 and Sandy Young to a one year term to expire in September of 2008.

Assessors for one year terms: Dick Moore, Lawton Allen and Frank Jandreau.

Road Commissioner: Les Hoekstra

Chairperson Millie Hoekstra thanked the Board of Directors for all their work during the past year; reminded everyone that the HOLA website is updated regularly by Ed Z. (www.highlandsoverlook.org) and is a good source of information for all HOLA members.  Millie asked everyone to be safe and drive slowly on our roads.  She also asked members to consider volunteering for consideration on a committee.  Wider involvement from the membership spreads out the responsibilities.  Please forward your email address to our Secretary John Clark (BigIMe@aol.com); this will enable us to contact membership more quickly and inexpensively.

A time of questions/comments and concerns by the membership was held.  The road committee will look at road signs ie. (private roads-no outlet).

The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 a.m.

The next HOLA Annual Meeting will be on the Saturday of Labor Day Weekend in 2008.

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