HOLA – Highlands Overlook Landowners' Association

HOLA Meeting Minutes

May 26, 2018 9 AM

at The Barn

Present:  Millie Hoekstra, Mary Ellen Simon, Ana Wetherill, Ann Arthurs, Dave Arthurs, Terry Donovan, Ed Zambraski, John Patriquin, Dave Douglas, Jeff Zapolsky , Val Zapolsky, Anne Crump

Absent: John Clark, Mary Ellen Maroney.

Val Z. agreed to take minutes.

Secretary’s Minutes of the March meeting were approved MSP.

Treasurer’s Report: Delinquencies are down.   All accounts to the lawyer completed. We are staying within budget. Report accepted.

Proposed budget distributed for review. Budget will be voted on at the Annual Meeting in Sept. It was the consensus of the Board to not spend money on geese deterrents. It was noted that insurance goes up every year, perhaps we should look into a different provider.

Treasurer’s report: click here

Road Committee Report: M&H to start grading next week. Justin Quimby will be cutting brush, spreading CaCL and fixing signs.

Road Commissioners report

We had a normal winter here in Rangeley until February 2018. In February, we started getting warm sunny days. We had substantially more than a foot of snow melt and our roads thawed out. In areas where the sun stayed on the roads for a substantial amount of time, it thawed the roads down a foot or more beneath the surface. This in turn led to many areas of our roads turning into mud bogs. The spring thaw benefitted from the February thaw in that there was less snow to melt. This helped to prevent any large problems on our roads. We had only one washout and that was on the Loop Road. The damage was quickly repaired by M & H.

I have been speaking with Kenny from M & H since early April on a time frame to start on our spring road work. We were scheduled to replace some culverts, re-ditch several areas and start grading our roads on May 14, 2018. Unfortunately, the roads were still wet and we could not start. Currently M & H is busy with two large jobs but hopes to start on our roads within a week or so.

This year we lost the contractor who previously spread our calcium chloride. Calcium chloride is very corrosive and most contractors I spoke with will not put it in their spreaders. Last week, I spoke with Justin Quimby of Kutting Edge Landscaping. Justin is willing to spread the calcium chloride on our roads.

Last week I removed the heavy load signs at the entrance to our roads.

Burgess spent a total of $38,542.50 for the year. He was paid an extra $119 last year as he went over budget by $2,331.50. $2,331.50 minus the $119.00 that we overpaid = $2.212.50 owed. I added the $119.00 to this bill which totals $38,661.50. We will pay Burgess $1338.50 for a grand total of $40,000 which is the agreed cap per year. $2,212.5- minus $1,338 = $874.00 potentially owed if he comes in under next year’s $40,000 cap.

Money spent to date:

Burgess: Snowplowing and sanding 11-10-2017 through 2-25-18   $32,001.25

Burgess: Snowplowing and sanding, 1-26-18 through 3-15-18         $5,703.75                                                  Burgess: Snowplowing and sanding, 3-16-18 through 4-7-18            $   837.50

Total snowplowing and sanding:                                                            $38,542.50                                             Plus $119 overpayment from last years budget.                                $       119.00                                           Total snowplowing and sanding bill’s for the 2017/2018 season        $38,661.50

Roadwork, tree cutting, Entrance signs, etc,  10-1-17 to 4-28-18 $  7,917.69                                                     Total monies spent to date:                                                                      $46,590.69

Dave Arthurs                                                                                                                                                                                                                  H.O.L.A. Road Commissioner

Waterfront Committee: The slip assignments are listed at the waterfront.  Rocks will be added to beach area to deter erosion.  Will dredge boat harbor in the fall.

Nominating Committee: Mary Ellen Simon will ask Brittany (her neighbor) if she will join the Board.

Ana Wetherill presented some information regarding tree cutting to the Board. She will give it to Ed Zambraski. He will publish it in the E-Blast.

Next meeting: July 14, 2018 at 9AM



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