HOLA – Highlands Overlook Landowners' Association

HOLA Minutes March 9, 2019 9 AM at The Barn

Attendees: Maryellen Maroney, Val Zapolsky, Jeff Zapolsky, MaryEllen Simon, Ed Zambraski, Carol Hoffman, John Patriquin, Ana Wetherill, Larry Malone, Terry Donovan, Dave Arthurs, Anne Arthurs

Absent: Millie Hoekstra, Dave Douglas, Anne Crump, Brittany DiPompo

Maryellen Maroney called the meeting to order at 9 AM. She stated that Dave Burgess, our snowplowing company, was coming at 9:30 to address the Board, so Dave Arthurs would present his Road Commissioners Report first.

Road Commissioners Report – Basically the snow started early, It snowed often and there have been 6 ice events necessitating sanding, all of which are costly. Burgess has already reached the $40,000 cap for this season. Much discussion ensued, but it was tabled until after Burgess spoke.

Secretary’s Minutes were approved. MSP

Treasurers Report was approved. Then Jeff reviewed the past several contracts and actual costs for snowplowing. Click Here

Dave Burgess presented his information that it has been a long hard winter. He went thru all his sand and had to buy more at top price. All the ice breaks plows more often necessitating costly repairs. There are more homes being rented and the renters come in cars that are not appropriate for Rangeley winters. They call often for sand. The rental agencies have been calling Burgess directly, not Dave Arthurs. Dave Arthurs has told Burgess to have them call him. Dave Burgess was thanked for his input and left.

Discussion from earlier resumed. It was decided we have 2 issues:

The plowing cap has been reached and we are expecting snow tomorrow and often it snows into            April. It was decided that the cap is for our budget benefit and many years it has cost us less than   the cap.

There was a motion to pay Burgess for time and materials for the rest of this season. MSP unanimously.

Renters come inadequately prepared for Rangeley winter driving, so a Renters Guidelines will be developed that warn against 2WD with all season radials as inappropriate as well as other information to ensure an enjoyable vacation in Rangeley . Drivers that are unable to navigate our roads will be given then name of private towing services. Burgess will not be servicing our roads to be passable by 2WD with all season radials. The rental agencies and owners will be   advised of these guidelines.   Jeff offered to compile these guidelines. Anyone who has a suggestion should send it to Jeff.

Waterfront Report: Snowed in.

Adjourned at 10:20 AM                                                        Respectfully Submitted, Val Zapolsky

Next meeting: May 18, 2019 9 AM

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