HOLA – Highlands Overlook Landowners' Association

January 2016 HOLA Minutes

January 2016

Members present: Millie Hoekstra, Ed Zambraski, Jeff Zapolsky, Jeff Munson, Mary-Ellen Moroney, David Douglas, David & Ann Arthurs, Ana Wetherill, Anne Crump Terry Donovan, John Clark, Ken & Sandy Young via telephone and Guest Ben Wetherill.
Absent: Paul Ellis

The minutes of the November meeting were approved as submitted.Treasurer’s Report: Jeff Zapolsky (Click here to view report)

The Board voted to rescind a 2007 Policy which allowed a $100 late fee on property assessments if not paid by November 15th of each year and an additional $100 late fee on January 15th. The HOLA Treasurer will look into other systems and report back to the Board.

Road Committee Report:
In November 2015 a Roller was rente in an attempt to properly compress the large amount of crushed gravel that was laid down on Winston and Marion Drive. Both of these roads will be reevaluated in the spring.
Winter is here and the roads were plowed and sanded intermittently by Burgess Construction for December 1 until the present. Burgess has been doing a very good job of keeping our roadways clear and safe. If anyone has any questions or concerns with snowplowing, please do not call the contractor directly, call me and I will immediately address your concerns with the contractor, this will also keep me in the loop on possible problems.
Road money spent to date:
Loop Road Culvert with minor ditching and rip rap. $1,875.81
Winston Road: Culvert, ditching, rip rap, taking down berms and road widening at the bottom of the road. Gravel rolled with roller. $4,051.19
Snow plowing and sanding. December 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015. $7,325.00
Total monies spent to date: Approx. $13,325
Questions or concerns please feel free to contact me. All HOLA Board Members with phone numbers and email addresses are listed in the HOLA website.
Dave Arthurs

Waterfront Committee:
Mary-Ellen Moroney advised that the 2016 slip assignments will be made by the Committee within the next month. She also advised that a new section will be added to the aluminum dock this coming summer.
Nominating Committee:
Ken Young requested that anyone interested in serving on the Board or knows of anyone who might be interested – to please contact him at: 508-269-1302 or kwysly@msn.com

Other Items:
Ed Zambraski Update on Communications plan.

  1. The first HOLA email “Blast” was sent out by Ed Zambraski in December to 132 members.  There were several positive and no negative responses to this email.  With approximately 200 HOLA members, we currently have email addresses for 67 % of our membership.  Efforts will be taken to increase this percentage.
  2. Ed Zambraski brought up the issue of the accuracy of GPS, Google Maps, Garmin, etc. with regards to HOLA property locations.  He offered to look into this matter in terms of determining the relative accuracy of the current systems, and to determine the process for updating or correcting errors.  A report will be provided for the next HOLA board meeting.


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