HOLA – Highlands Overlook Landowners' Association

HOLA Annual Meeting 11 AM on 9/4/2021 at the HOLA Waterfront

Attendees: 88 including the board.

There are packets for the Annual Meeting prepared: Agenda, Minutes of the 2020 Annual Meeting, Budgets 2016 – the proposed new 2021/2022 Budget, Assessors Report, Nominating Committee’s Report with the voting ballot, and the history of HOLA Road fees versus other Landowners Association fees.

The highest attendance ever at an annual meeting gathered on a beautiful and windy day on the waterfront. Millie introduced the Board as each stood and was recognized.

Secretary’s Minutes: Val Zapolsky read the minutes of the 2020 Annual Meeting aloud. They were moved, seconded and approved by a majority show of hands.

The Road Commissioner’s Report: (Attached) was presented: Old Esker Way extension is roughed in and will be completed once the heavy house construction traffic is done. The new snowplowing contract was explained. We have been paying Burgess the same rate ($40,000/year) for 13 years, but it will be increasing to $45,000.

Millie thanked Dave Arthurs for his many years of service. Dave thanked the Road Committee especially Ed Zambraski who is always helping on the Highlands side.

Waterfront Report: (Attached) Mary Ellen Maroney introduce and thanked the Committee members. She pointed out the new flagpole, the new Nile Brook Way road sign. The 911 address of the waterfront is 9 Nile Brook Way.

The sign up for racks and slips goes out with the bills. Please return them promptly. They are assigned in January. Please put your name on your boat/kayak/canoe.

Millie thanked the Waterfront Committee. Informed the membership that 2 sign-up sheets are going around for committee members and info/emails. Please sign up before you leave.

Treasurer’s Report: Past years budgets, the 2020-2021 YTD budget were presented. There were no questions. The proposed 2021.2022 Budget was presented. There are no changes to the Administration or Waterfront budgets. There are 2 changes to the Roads budget: $5,000 increase to the snowplowing contract and $20,000 to start a continuous improvement program for the roads. Many roads have lost their crowns and large base rocks are appearing. We have been filling pot holes but did not have enough money in the budget to really address the wear and tear on the roads. We have 7.4 miles of roads in HOLA. This $20,000 increase will allow us to add the crowns back on the roads and roll and grade them such that all the roads are addressed at least every 10 years. We feel this increase will be sufficient for several years.

The last page of the packet has a list of other Homeowners Association costs. Even with the proposed increase we are the least expensive in the area.

Discussion: Steve Estes of 240 Overlook spoke against the increase. He feels the roads are perfectly adequate.

Larry Malone spoke in favor of the increase. There was no further discussion. The proposed 2021/2022 Budget passed by s show of hands: most in favor. One opposed.

Assessors Report: The new 2021/2022 Budget provides $75 for Administration & Waterfront (about 2/3rds goes to Waterfront) and road fees for unimproved lots now are $258, improved lots are $568. This was moved, seconded and approved by a majority show of hands.

Nominating Slate: was read by Val Zapolsky.  Board members terms expiring are: Carole Hoffmann, Brittany DiPompo, Ann Arthurs, Larry Malone, Ed Zambraski. Carol will be stepping down. All the others opted for another term. Al Salvini has offered to fill the vacancy left by Carole Hoffmann. The slate was moved, seconded and approved by a majority show of hands.

The Assessors are: Ed Zambraski, John Patriquin and Jocelyn Kinlock. All have opted for another term. This slate was moved, seconded and approved by a majority show of hands.

Road Commissioner: Dave Arthurs is stepping down. Dave Douglas has offered to fill the position. This was moved, seconded and approved by a majority show of hands.

Other Business:

Dana Pagley of the Overlook for 30 years spoke. He found a list of HOLA legal questions on the HOLA website. He spoke against spending a lot of money on lawyers to answer questions. He found some of the issues upsetting.  Millie stated that this is just a list of proposed questions and that we are not spending money on lawyers. We have an Ad Hoc Committee working on the questions.

Ben Wetherill complained of ATV on the HOLA roads, music playing loud late at night. How to enforce the rule? Millie informed all that there are many new owners and neighbors. Many are retired and elderly. Please have friendly informative discussions regarding rules and be helpful to your neighbors.

Dana Pagley questioned why ATVs are not allowed at waterfront property.  That rule was made when it was understood that ATVs are not allowed on Route 4.  He stated that he is an ATV and snowmobile owner and HOLA should not be enforcing traffic rules about travel on Rte. 4.  Millie stated that ATV’s cannot access approved trails from HOLA roads. The power line is private property thru which CMP has a Right of Way. ATV’s must trailer to a trailhead or Depot Street lot to access a trail.

Paul Perla of 149 Lynn Way, said he thought there was a trail from HOLA to the IGA. Millie stated that HOLA snowmobiles can access the IGA and trails that direction across private land and the landowner has given permission for snowmobiles. ATVs should not be crossing Nile Brook.  The old trail toward Rev-It-Up is no longer accessible from the Overlook by ATV. The State, Town and clubs are looking into it.

Nancy Douglas reminded people that there are leash laws. ATV’s and snowmobile should not use the road for recreation (do loops). There are rules, but new owners and renters don’t know the rules.  Millie informed everyone there are “Winter Use Rules” on the website and owners should print them and have them available for their renters.

We now have more improved than unimproved lots in HOLA, so lots of new neighbors. Welcome, inform and direct them to the HOLA website.

Millie thanked to everyone who attended. Please socialize and enjoy the day. See you next year. The Board met briefly to elect officers. The present officers were re-elected.

Next Annual Meeting will be September 3, 2022 at 11AM at waterfront (weather permitting)

Meeting Adjourned at 12:10 PM

Respectfully Submitted,

Val Zapolsky