HOLA – Highlands Overlook Landowners' Association

HOLA Board meeting March 14, 2020 at 9 AM the Barn

Present: Millie Hoekstra, Val Zapolsky, Jeff Zapolsky, Mary Ellen Simon (on phone), John Patriquin, Ana Wetherill, Ann Arthurs, Dave Arthurs, Ed Zambraski, Terry Donovan, Larry Malone, Brittany DiPompo, Carol Hoffmann, Maryellen Moroney Absent:, Dave Douglas, Anne Crump

Call to Order: By Millie at 9 AM.

Secretary’s Minutes to that last meeting were accepted. No discussion. Motion to approve MSP unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: Jeff reviewed Account Balances. No questions. P&L shows we have spent $35K as of the end of Feb. on snowplowing & sanding. This is a lot as we average $9K per month and we still have March and April to pay for. We may go over the $40K budgeted amount, but we will see what happens. The comments were that there was more snow last year, but more ice this year so that more sanding is needed.

Unpaid accounts: A letter was sent from us and sign by Millie explaining that if they pay us at least we get all the funds, but if the account is paid after going to collection then we only get 2/3rds. The rest goes to the lawyer, so please pay us now. ONLY 2 paid; the rest went to collection. Overall unpaid accounts are small.

We have accounts at FSB and SSB. Pros and cons of such were discussed. No changes made.

Road Commissioner’s Report: (Attached) As discussed above the winter road cost will probably run over budget. Dave had looked to other plow companies, but those costs look to be even higher.

It was asked if people noted a difference in renter behavior (driving, parking & snowmobiles) since we developed the HOLA Winter Guidelines for Homeowners. Maybe, because there have been no calls to Dave about people not being able to drive up their road, but snowmobilers have still been on our roads. There was much discussion about how to address the issue. It was decided to see about having a sign at the IGA for snowmobilers to let them know that all trails above the IGA are private access and those below are the official trails. Millie and Dave will work on verbiage, feasibility and cost.

Waterfront Report: (Attached) May need scuba to move mooring for swim lines and dock. Scuba options were discussed. They will replace old swim lines with $300 of new ones.

Meeting adjourned 9:47 AM.

Next Meeting: May 16, 2020, 9 AM

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