HOLA – Highlands Overlook Landowners' Association

August 2014 HOLA Minutes

Millie Hoekstra opened the meeting with introductions and thank you to each Board Member and Committees.
The minutes of the 2013 meeting were approved as submitted.

Treasurer’s report and other financials. Mike Moroney reviewed the fiscal year end budget with the members. His report was accepted as submitted.

Click here to view treasurers Report

Mike and Millie reviewed the propose budget for 2014/2015 fiscal year. The proposed budget was approved as submitted with a $20 increase in dues.

Waterfront Committee: We have new non sinking lighted swim buoys. This should keep boaters from cutting our swim lines and help boaters find our harbor.
We had some major repairs to the dock and swim lines after Hurricane Arthur. The ladder for the raft is missing. It was torn off when being moved. It will be replaced for next season.
The amended waterfront policy will be retyped and presented to the Board for approval in November.
There is a sign up sheet for slips for fall fishing after Labor Day.
For those who have partial waterfront rights – full rights can be purchased for $1,500. The cost of full rights for lots without waterfront rights is $9,500. These prices are available through 2016.
The Waterfront Committee will assign the slips and the canoe/kayak racks in January. Please send in your requests when you pay your dues in October.
I want to thank our Waterfront Committee: Mike Moroney, John and Peggy Clark, Dick Moore, Paul Ellis, Tom Sullivan, Dave and Ann Arthurs, Gary Wadsworth, Chester Winooski, Ed Zambraski, and

Road Committee Report:
Those present: Ann & Dave Arthurs, Paul Ellis, Les & Millie Hoekstra, Ben Wetherill

  1. Review of road conditions: Overall the roads are in pretty good shape. A few problem spots were identified and discussed.
    The “brown patch” (ground up asphalt and gravel) that was used last fall seems to be working well. We will be using more of that this year. Also, we will be looking at prices to pave 100’ or so at each entrance. The Loop Road water issues will be discussed with M & H personnel and come up with a plan. Speed on our roads is still an issue; is it time to install speed bumps for the summer months?
    The Circle in the Overlook will need attention this fall
    There will be some ditching/topping done this fall

  2. It was decided to keep the road budget the same for next year. $79,500

  3. The gate on The Lynn Way will be open after Labor Day (We had it opened on a couple busy weekends this summer) Those living on The Lynn Way have commented how much they appreciate the less traffic and use of the road by those just cutting through and leaving some of their trash.

  4. A DR String mower is being considered as a solution to the mowing of the sides of the roads. We will look to purchase this fall.

Nominating Committee: Ken Young advised that those with terms expiring have agreed to serve another term. John and Peggy Clark, Anne Crump, Dave Arthurs and Sandy Young.
Les Hoekstra has agreed to serve another term as Road Commissioner.
There were no other nominations and all nominees were elected by the membership.
The Board met following the membership meeting and all Board Officers were elected for another one year term.
The next meeting of the HOLA Membership will be on Saturday of Labor Day weekend in 2015 at 11 a.m. at the Barn.

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