HOLA – Highlands Overlook Landowners' Association

HOLA Waterfront Property (parcel 5) Deeded Rights Information

Within the Association there are 3 classifications of waterfront rights:

1…some properties have full (212’) waterfront right

2…some properties have partial (100’) rights

3…some properties have no waterfront rights.

The properties that have  “100 foot (partial) means that these lots have a limited right to use a section of 100 foot wide parcel of the HOLA waterfront under an old right given in their deed by Lynwood Ellis and possibly passed along via sales.  Right of Use is on the one hundred foot portion of shore front abutting the Southern property line for boating and swimming purposes only.  In our opinion, it does not give the holder right to use the property to picnic, use boat moorings/harbor, use games, tables, fireplaces etc.  The lot owners have received offers by the association to buy Full Rights many years ago for as little as $300; this offer still stands today at a cost of $1,500 until the end of 2023. (It has been the same fee for many years.

After researching sales records of lots in the Rangeley Region, it is generally agreed that a full waterfront access attached to any lot increases the value of that lot by an amount ranging from $15,000 to $30,000

At the recent Board of Directors meeting, it was voted to increase the Buy-In amount beginning January 1, 2024. Members with partial or no waterfront rights will be notified of the impending increase.

If you wish to purchase Full Waterfront Deeded Access, please contact HOLA President: Millie Hoekstra (milliehoek@gmail.com) or HOLA Treasurer: Jeff Zapolsky (holatreasurer@gmail.com)