HOLA – Highlands Overlook Landowners' Association

board meeting

July 2019 HOLA Board meeting minutes

Present: Millie Hoekstra, Val Zapolsky, Jeff Zapolsky, Ann Arthurs, Dave Arthurs, John Patriquin, Larry Malone, Dave Douglas, Ana Wetherill, Mary Ellen Simon

Absent: Carole Hoffmann, Brittany DiPompo, Mary-Ellen Moroney, Anne Crump, Ed Zambraski, Terry Donovan

Millie called the meeting to order at 9 AM.

Minutes to the last Board meeting were approved. MSP unanimously

                There was a correction noted to the last Road Commissioners report. Dave Arthurs agreed to    the correction.

Jeff Zapolsky reviewed the Treasurer’s Report.( Attached). He reviewed how the proposed $10 increase in Annual Dues would be divided between Waterfront and Administration. Report approved. MSP

Dave Arthurs reviewed the Road Commissioner’s Report. (attached)

Waterfront Report was emailed to all. No corrections.

Nomination Committee reported a full slate for slots at annual meeting.  Present members with expiring terms are willing to serve again.

Dave Douglas, Millie Hoekstra, Mary-Ellen Moroney, John Patriquin, Mary Ellen Simon, Ana Wetherill, and Jeff Zapolsky

The Combined HOLA Info Sheets were emailed. There was a request to post a copy at the waterfront.

Next meeting August 31, 9 AM at the Barn. The Annual meeting will follow at 11 AM.

Meeting adjourned 9:47 AM