HOLA – Highlands Overlook Landowners' Association

HOLA BOARD MEETING Jan. 8, 2022 at 9 AM in the RFA Theater

Present: Millie Hoekstra, Val Zapolsky, Jeff Zapolsky, Mary-Ellen Moroney, Larry Malone, John Patriquin, Dave Douglas, Brittany DiPompo Russell, Anne Crump, Al Salvini, (and by zoom) Ana Wetherill, Ed Zambraski, Darren Winslow,

Absent: Ann Arthurs, Dave Arthurs, Mary Ellen Simon

Updates: The corrected map of the HOLA property has been added to the website.

Morton & Furbish Rentals confirmed that all renters & owner carry liability insurance per their contract.

                    Samples of Deed Covenants & Restrictions was distributed

Secretary’s Minutes from Nov. 13, 2021. Motion to approve MSP.

A list of committee members for 2021-2022 was presented and approved. MSP (per Bylaws Art. 6, section 2)

Millie made a motion to approve paying Ed Zambraski for mowing services at the waterfront. MSP (per Bylaws Art. 5, section 6)

Treasurer’s Report (attached) – Motion to approve MSP.

              Most everyone has paid their invoices for 2021-2022

              Accounts Receivable is $22,552.78 (includes 4 members who have not paid for several years—we will collect when they sell their property), and several on installment payments.  Final letters have been sent to several, if payment is not received by end of month they will be sent to collection.

Road Commissioner Report – Dave Douglas gave verbal report.  There has not been much snow and Burgess is plowing and sanding well and Dave thanked him. There were a couple of people that asked for plowing after 2 inches of snow, so Dave sent out an email explaining that cars need AWD or 4WD and good tires on our roads. Plowing is done after 3-6 inches and sometimes with our storms (if possible) it is best to stay home until the roads are cleared. There have been no complaints since then. Dave asks to be informed if anyone notices any problems with the roads. There were no questions.

Waterfront Comm. Report – Committee meeting minutes of November 20, 2021 were presented.

Ed Zambraski presented a new HOLA Waterfront Policy approved by the committee for discussion by the Board. He stated that the part in BLACK text had everything from the old Waterfront Policy, but just rearranged. The RED text is new.

The BLACK text was discussed first. Val Z. noted that several things were missing from the new black text relative to the old policy. There was no mention of B1 (“Slip number 1 is permanently assigned to Mr. Paul Ellis and Family by deed.”) B7 (“No watercraft longer than 21 feet may be docked in the cove of the marina.  Only slips numbered 6 and 7 can hold a 21 foot watercraft.  The maximum size for the other slips is 18 feet. Boats on floating docks can’t be longer than the docks.  Pontoon boats are not allowed on the slips and may not be launched from our ramp.”), B8 (“Slip number 4 is for loading only.”) or C2 (“All motor vehicles shall be parked behind the tree line, which is marked for parking.”) from the old policy.

Ed Z. commented that C2 parking is addressed by signage at the waterfront. This was accepted by the Board.

After discussion, Jeff Z. made a motion: “that if prior approved policies B1, B7 and B8 are added back into the black text of the proposed policy, we approve the black text of the proposed Waterfront Policy as revised.” This was seconded by Val Zapolsky and passed by all.

Then the proposed changes in RED were discussed.

Jeff made the motion to accept the replacement of the word “Recommendations” with the word “Requirements” to the title of the waterfront policy, so the new title is “HOLA Waterfront Policy and Requirements.”  This was seconded by John Patriquin and passed.

Regarding the proposed red text in Section II. 1 “Paying guests of any nature, and those of inns and bed & breakfasts, are prohibited from using the waterfront for any purpose.” After much discussion, Jeff Z. made a motion that “we do not adopt that policy, but instead obtain a legal opinion regarding it with a monetary cap of $3,000. And that in the meantime the Waterfront Committee develop a policy regarding waterfront stickers for cars.” This was seconded by Val Z. and passed.

It was suggested the Waterfront Committee consider the use of numbered stickers for cars, such that each sticker number is linked to a specific lot/homeowner, perhaps 2 stickers per homeowner. These stickers would make it easy for the Waterfront Committee members, acting as stewards, to start the conversation with any unstickered car owners and discuss our policies.

Jeff Z. raised a concern regarding personal guests of homeowners (like his son’s family) without a sticker. Mary Ellen Maroney stated that would not be a problem because the steward would simply ask the unstickered car owner which HOLA member they were with and they would answer “I’m with Jeff Z.” and it would be fine.

Regarding the proposed RED text in Section III.2 “Paying guests* of any nature and those of inns and bed & breakfasts are prohibited from using harbor facilities to launch, tie up or enter the HOLA harbor with motorized craft.” This was defeated. This will be researched by Ad Hoc Legal Committee.

It was suggested that the renters with boats be directed to the Town Park to launch their boats as it is a much easier launch and the RLHT is screening for milfoil. This should be added to the “Summer Renter Guidelines”.

Ad Hoc ATV/Snowmobile Comm. There is no update.

The Ad Hoc Legal Comm.: To save time and money on the lawyer, Millie will present the info that she already has regarding deeds to the Legal Committee meeting in February and then the committee (and others) will collect the outstanding info regarding wording about the waterfront in all the other deeds to give to the lawyer for legal opinion regarding “owner rights”.

Next meeting March 12, 2022 at 9 AM.

Meeting adjourned at 10:14 AM.